Thursday, 30th Nov 2017

Today I did more IKEAing and finished Owen's new desk (it is much bigger than envisoned, but he is such a good academic boy who deserves a desk unmolested by annoying baby hands). Also started to contact people for the house's extension. Hopefully can get everything done before 2019! Quite excited about my upcoming new year resolutions (will involve decluttering and less shopping). 

Wednesday, 29th Nov 2017

Today the man from the shop came to access our house for the new fireplace. Quite excited about it though it won't be done before winter is over. Why didn't we think of installing the fire before it got cold?

Tuesday, 28th Nov 2017

Today we both got very cross with Owen for not putting enough effort into potty training. In the evening I did some IKEAing.

Monday, 27th Nov 2017

Today Peter took the kids to the toddler group. In the evening after dinner we listened to chillout music, dimmed the lights and danced with the children.

Sunday, 26th Nov 2017

Today I made lamb stew in the oven and then we went out to Witney shopping. It was nice to come home to the smell of dinner. 

Saturday, 25th Nov 2017

Today we had a lovely time at Banbury Hill Farm with my friends Alice and Simon. Owen seemed to like them very much too. Nice to have friends.

Friday, 24th Nov 2017

Today I received loads of parcels (partly due to John Lewis individually packing everything in my order), so much so I got laughed at by the delivery lady. Poor Harriet still struggling to poop so I took her to see the doctor.

Thursday, 23rd Nov 2017

Today poor Harriet had constipation and seemed in pain and didn't sleep very well. My cold had developed into an annoying cough, drowning me in phlegm.

Wednesday, 22nd Nov 2017

Today I did more shopping (don't worry, most of them will be returned to the shops), and we started watching The Good Place, which we loved. Good to have found a new TV series to watch.

Tuesday, 21st Nov 2017

Today I didn't go out to meet up with friends because I had a horrible cold, and so did Harriet, and everyone at home. I did a lot of pre-black-friday shopping, which I probably shouldn't have done if I had just an ounce of impulse control.