Tuesday, 19th Mar 2019

Today Owen's teacher called to say another child had hit Owen's face with a plank of wood by accident. Poor him, he had quite a nasty bruise (going to be a black eye) and seemed quite shaken.

Monday, 18th Mar 2019

Today I took Harriet to Witney without a stroller and she was very excited to walk though I did end up having to carry her and hurting my back. I also attended Owen's parents teachers review meeting.

Sunday, 17th Mar 2019

Today we were all poorly and tired and lazy and so didn't go out. Poor Harriet really wanted to go out and was very sad.

Friday, 15th Mar 2019

Today was my day off to do some urban sketching at the museums in Oxford, but I got stuck with childcare as Harriet was ill and couldn't go to nursery.

Thursday, 14th Mar 2019

Today Harriet got sent home for having a temperature again. I did an amazing parallel parking outside her nursery, though it did take me some 15mins to do it.

Tuesday, 12th Mar 2019

Today I took Owen down to Jaffe & Neale again for some mother & son bookshop cafe time. In the evening, someone bought a sketchbook from my Etsy shop! Unfortunately I didn't have this one ready made and had listed it by accident, so had to spend the whole evening making it.

Monday, 11th Mar 2019

Today I took Harriet to Little Wild Things, and it was pirates theme. It was sunny but still very cold.