Tuesday, 18th Jun 2019

Today Harriet again didn't want to go to bed without crying and again woke up at 4am and not let us sleep the rest of the night. At one point she even got up (she was in my bed out of desperation) and went to Owen's room to wake him up. So we were all exhausted come time to go to work / school. My cold got worse (due to lack of sleep too) and I had to work from home. Then nursery called about Harriet being weepy, and I had to collect her early. Little Miss Trouble. On a different note, we finished watching Killing Eve season 2. Loved it!

Monday, 17th Jun 2019

Today I was still feeling poorly, but managed to drag myself to take Harriet to the toddler group for a short while and then went and collected some meds for Harriet. In the afternoon I told Owen off for being extra grumpy and mean to Harriet after eating too much cake from school. After sulking for awhile, he came back to me with a 'plan' to 'go to mummy and be happy' and 'go to Harriet and be happy'. How sweet!

Friday, 14th Jun 2019

Today I worked from home, and was coming down with a terrible cold so Peter picked up the kids instead.

Thursday, 13th Jun 2019

Today a colleague was dissing her NCT friend for being an incapable mum and not being more sociable. She was diagnosed with postnatal depression, and yet everyone still criticised her for the very symptoms of depression. I was angry with myself for not pointing this out more strongly and was sleepless over it!

Wednesday, 12th Jun 2019

Today I finally got to leave the house to go to work only to find there was no internet access and we all had to go home.

Tuesday, 11th Jun 2019

Today Owen had to be quarantined at home, so I worked from home. Did I say I loved the kids? They woke us up at 2, 4, and 6am between the two of them. 

Monday, 10th Jun 2019

Today poor Owen vomited in his bed and had to miss his school trip to the circus. He and Harriet watched telly all day until they were intolerable. Poor Peter, not a very good birthday.

Sunday, 9th Jun 2019

Today Harriet finally went to sleep without crying. In the morning, I saw her acting out the last few nights' scenes with her dolls. Then just now after her bath, she told me thoughtfully, "yesterday I took off all my clothes and I crying. I not want to sleep in my cot. Today I not cry. Today I sleep in my cot. Today I goody girl." And indeed, she didn't cry when we put her to sleep though you could see she was struggling to hold it back. Love my children.