Tuesday, 13th Nov 2018

Today I drove our new car out for the first time, but had to turn back shortly due to a road accident (not caused by me).

Monday, 12th Nov 2018

Today I finally organised the new sketchbooks I made, took photos of them, and added them to Etsy to sell.

Sunday, 11th Nov 2018

Today we went to Witney to watch Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero. Luckily though it was a war film it wasn't too scary or sad for the children. In the evening I carved my first lino block! Loved it! It wasn't as difficult as I had thought, probably due to my splurging on some top quality carving tools, and the hours of passive learning I had done, reading blogs and watching video demos.

Saturday, 10th Nov 2018

Today we went to Oxford as we felt sorry for the children who had to stay in the last 2 weekends due to illness and other business. It turned out not as nice as I had hoped as Harriet was trouble and it was rather stressful and frustrating for us.

Friday, 9th Nov 2018

Today I didn't get to carve my lino as I came down with a cold which lead to a migraine, and was in bed for more than 24 hours!

Thursday, 8th Nov 2018

Today I started working on some linocut! Only managed to drew on the lino and then it was too late in the night to start carving. 

Wednesday, 7th Nov 2018

Today I worked on Drupal again all day. I spent all evening making a pompom (using a can opener) for the hand knitted hat I made for Eddie's baby sister. Possibly didn't do it optimally.

Tuesday, 6th Nov 2018

Today I finally slipped and ordered art supplies from Jacksons Art again. There was a sale! And it's partly for my Etsy business, I'll make money out of it someday. And we've just bought a car, which costs a lot more. These seemed good reasons in my head at that time.

Monday, 5th Nov 2018

Today Harriet finally got better, but we didn't go to the toddler group just in case it was contagious. She was quite bored at home all day and so was Owen.

Sunday, 4th Nov 2018

Today Harriet vomited again and again all night and day so there was no rest for us. Poor Owen was neglected, though he loved drawing and writing his own books using the little accordion booklets I made him.