Saturday, 7th Jan 2017

Today we went to the library in Witney, and had lunch at Coffeesmith. Owen was quite happy and I even got to do a little sketching at the cafe. In the evening we had steamboat dinner at home.

Friday, 6th Jan 2017

Today I worked from home as I was too tired to get out of the house. In the evening, I got my old Telecaster out for a play. It's been so long!

Thursday, 5th Jan 2017

Today Owen woke up many times in the night, like a newborn. He's been doing that every other day or so for the past 2 months, and not napping in the day. We're exhausted!

Wednesday, 4th Jan 2017

Today we went to the hospital again to see the obstetrician. In the evening I worked late to make up for lost time. Owen was very happy on his first day back to nursery after the long holiday.

Tuesday, 3rd Jan 2017

Today we moved the furniture a bit to try out different layout. Still undecided about what to do with our house and reluctant to commit to big furniture or drilling holes though we moved in half a year ago.

Monday, 2nd Jan 2017

Today was the second day of the new year and already I missed all my New Year resolutions as I was too busy shopping on IKEA online. We stayed in though it was a nice day, and I spent a lot of time playing with Owen.

Sunday, 1st Jan 2017

Today was New Year's Day. True to my resolutions, I wrote something, sketched something, took a picture, and slept till nearly noon (Owen was ill from cold, so he snoozed till nearly noon!)

Friday, 30th Dec 2016

Today we finally came back home, Owen was sad to leave grandparents, but was also very happy when we reached home, especially after a good nap in the car.

Thursday, 29th Dec 2016

Today Peter's best friends from Hong Kong came and visit us at Peter's parents' house, and we had fun catching up.