Monday, 20th Aug 2018

Today we tried to wean Harriet off night feeding since Owen isn't here to be woken up by her crying. After the crying in the night, she woke up at 10:15am in the morning! My breasts were so full from skipping the night feed that after she drank from them in the morning, she threw up all over me.

Sunday, 19th Aug 2018

Today we went to Witney to collect Owen's school uniform from the shops. Strange to not have Owen with us, Harriet kept asking for him, wondering where he had gone.

Saturday, 18th Aug 2018

Today Owen went away to stay at his grandparents for the next few days! It's the first time he's away from both of us. We gave Harriet a lot of attention. In the evening we took the opportunity to do loads of programming. Geek out!

Tuesday, 14th Aug 2018

Today I should have taken Owen out but I ended up staying home to do my programming, neglecting Owen, and making him very sad.

Monday, 13th Aug 2018

Today Harriet had a long nap so we ended up going to the library at 4:30pm and came home very late for dinner.

Saturday, 11th Aug 2018

Today we went to M&S to get Owen's school uniforms! The children had so much fun just in M&S. In the evening I worked on a new website for my sketching blog.

Thursday, 9th Aug 2018

Today I spent the evening backing up files and watching loading bars. In the night Harriet woke everyone up for a long time. So we're all exhausted!

Monday, 6th Aug 2018

Today we were in our PJ all day, recovering from Wilderness Festival. The children were very happy at home playing by themselves, entertained by their toys after being away for 4 days.

Sunday, 5th Aug 2018

Today I had a lovely wild swim at the lake and a lovely nap under a tree at the Wellbeing area to the soothing sounds of gong and smells of aromatherapy. The children also started to love the festival. I finally got to listen to some music that I liked (Kyan from Sofar, and another band whose name I never found out). Sadly it was time to pack up and go home!

Saturday, 4th Aug 2018

Today things got better especially when we let the children stay up till late for the main stage at Wilderness. They loved the shiny lights and loud music and danced better than me.

Friday, 3rd Aug 2018

Today I had a migraine and didn't sleep much at all last night (in the tent) and it was super hot, and Owen was very grumpy and so it was all quite terrible at the festival. The evening was nice when the annoying children finally went to sleep and I got to sneak out for some Art Macabre live drawing and hot chocolate with Peter.

Thursday, 2nd Aug 2018

Today we went to Wilderness Festival and set up camp! Owen was extremely grumpy, I think the whole day of television yesterday broke him.

Wednesday, 1st Aug 2018

Today we stayed home all day packing for Wilderness Festival tomorrow! Owen had to watch telly all day and finished the entire season 1 of Dino Dana! 

Tuesday, 31st Jul 2018

Today I took Owen out to Witney to buy groceries. It was the first time I parked at the busy Waitrose car park. Owen was really good and patient while I shopped, I really enjoy taking him out. In the evening, I made more concertina sketchbooks and refilled my watercolour pans.