Monday, 11th Oct 2010

Today I came back to Oxford after a week's holiday at Plymouth. Went to the allotment and did some weed killing.

Sunday, 10th Oct 2010

Today we went for another walk at Dartmoor, to Bellever Tor. Dartmoor is now one of my favourite places.

Tuesday, 5th Oct 2010

Today I worked on a new Django app with Peter, I might have bullied him into helping out.

Monday, 4th Oct 2010

Today I was happy, then disappointed, then angry and then sad, as the day progressed.

Sunday, 3rd Oct 2010

Today I played Go with Peter and I won! We also took a ferry to Cornwall for a day trip, but only my winning mattered.

Saturday, 2nd Oct 2010

Today I went to Plymouth to see Peter and he made me a wonderful dinner of roast duck and apple crumble.

Friday, 1st Oct 2010

Today we had a party to send Pav off, and we weren't allowed to say the 'G' word. Only knew him for a short time, but sad to see him go.

Tuesday, 28th Sep 2010

Today I played Go with Neil at the Oxford Go club and beat him again, yes! But I fear a comeback as he's getting stronger everytime.

Friday, 24th Sep 2010

Today I finally got to eat the steak at The Fishes that was suspended for Peter's graduation.