Sunday, 11th Dec 2016

Today Owen woke in the night and came to our bed again. In the afternoon, Peter took Owen to Charlbury's village 'cinema' to watch The BFG. Owen fell asleep on the way back and then slept on me for 1.5hr on the sofa when it was nearly dinner time. In the evening we wrapped up the presents while Owen slept.

Saturday, 10th Dec 2016

Today we went to Zenah's house for our NCT group's Christmas party. Owen had a great time, and it was nice to see everyone again.

Friday, 9th Dec 2016

Today Owen appeared in front of me in the middle of the night asking to sleep in our bed. He tried for an hour and then went back to his room, so in the morning he was exhausted and when we woke him, he whispered, 'Just a little bit more...'

Thursday, 8th Dec 2016

Today I shopped and shopped and read many reviews for Peter's present and was exhausted and had a impending cold.

Wednesday, 7th Dec 2016

Today Owen was super happy when home from nursery and couldn't stop talking. In the evening we got Owen's Christmas presents ready. Very exciting though it is unfair that we had to give most of the credits to Father Christmas who got us to do his job for him.

Tuesday, 6th Dec 2016

Today we went down to the garden centre to get a small Christmas tree, but decided not to as they were more expensive than I'd expected. Owen had a great time at the soft play and choosing the trees anyway.

Monday, 5th Dec 2016

Today I took Owen to the village toddler group. In the afternoon I was cross with Peter for being unappreciative of my efforts to upkeep our house, and Owen asked me, 'What's the matter?' when I sat sulking. And later I was too angry to go to bed.

Sunday, 4th Dec 2016

Today I looked after Owen in the day while Peter worked. I also spent the day shopping for Christmas presents, and have got Owen's presents sorted.

Saturday, 3rd Dec 2016

Today Owen had a nightmare in the night and woke quite late and tired in the morning. Afterwards we went to watch Moana at the cinema.

Friday, 2nd Dec 2016

Today I sorted out the shopping to return and watched some of the drawing lessons videos.

Thursday, 1st Dec 2016

Today I went out to Oxford for Torchbox's Christmas party while Peter looked after Owen by himself at home.

Wednesday, 30th Nov 2016

Today Owen was so sleepy in the morning from waking up in the night. When Peter woke him for nursery, like a teenager, he said, 'Go away daddy, I want to sleep'. It had been extremely cold today, and I felt like I would never be warm again.

Tuesday, 29th Nov 2016

Today it was very cold and I stayed home. When Owen came back from the shops with Peter and I asked if he enjoyed the trip, he showed me his freezing hands and exclaimed, 'my hands!'. So I showed him how to put them in his pockets and he looked pleased.

Monday, 28th Nov 2016

Today Peter took Owen to Crocodiles Of The World together with Owen's nursery friends (Jude and Mozes) and their dads while I had half a day off.

Sunday, 27th Nov 2016

Today we stayed home all day. Owen was still ill. We ate mince pie, had hot choc and listened to Christmas music. Owen said, 'this is very nice' about the hot choc. In the evening I sneezed and sneezed and sneezed.

Saturday, 26th Nov 2016

Today poor Owen was still ill from diarrhoea and his bum was so sore that he was pleading with us not to wipe it. We went to Witney in the afternoon and he fell asleep in the buggy and didn't even wake when we moved him to the car.

Friday, 25th Nov 2016

Today I waited 2.5hrs to see the obstetrician though I had an appointment. Poor Owen was so ill from diarrhoea that he pooped in the bath for the first time and needed an emergency shower. Luckily he was unfazed by it and exclaimed, 'I like shower rain'.

Thursday, 24th Nov 2016

Today Peter took the day off to look after Owen while I worked from home. He did some painting and played with PlayDoh, and fell asleep when Peter too him in the car to the garage to have our car checked out.

Tuesday, 22nd Nov 2016

Today we drove back home from grandparents'. In the morning Owen was very good and stayed in bed quietly though he woke early. He later told us that 'Grandpa, Grandma still sleeping, I need to sleep very well'. And in the evening, he declared that he would read his own bedtime stories and shooed us out of the room.