Thursday, 15th Jun 2017

Today I still get little sleep. Owen didn't want to go to nursery, and I only managed to persuade him by reminding him how much he liked the food there. Indeed he ate all of the macaroni cheese for lunch including the sweetcorn (he never touched those at home). When he came home, his hair was full of sand. He'd put sand in his hat, he said. I wondered if he's been bullied.

Wednesday, 14th Jun 2017

Today Harriet slept horribly in the night, and so I had very little sleep and had to make Peter take her when he takes Owen to preschool so I can have extra snooze.

Tuesday, 13th Jun 2017

Today Harriet slept and slept. I was annoyed with Owen when he again refused to eat dinner for some spurious reasons (he didn't like having the food stuck in his teeth) and was quite mean to him after dinner, making him cry. I then felt very sorry and apologised.

Monday, 12th Jun 2017

Today we stayed home and I decided to restart my previously abandoned '365 Things That Make Me Happy' photographic project. 

Sunday, 11th Jun 2017

Today we attended a combined birthday party for Owen and the NCT friends' children. Owen was quite fussy though, and Harriet was all smiley and happy.

Saturday, 10th Jun 2017

Today was Peter's birthday. His parents came down to celebrate with us at Blenheim Palace. Owen had a great time, but unfortunately Harriet was cranky all day. In the evening when I could finally put Harriet down to bake the quiche for tomorrow's party, I finished at 1AM!

Friday, 9th Jun 2017

Today we got the election results. We went to apply for the children's passports and were advised to return again with more paper work. Harriet was still not napping or sleeping well, we may have broken her. Did I boast that it was easy the second time round?

Thursday, 8th Jun 2017

Today was elections day. Harriet was still napping and sleeping badly. I lost my cool with Owen when he had a meltdown while we were bathing Harriet. Everything's much harder when you're tired!

Wednesday, 7th Jun 2017

Today Harriet was still sleeping and napping badly. Poor us. It's been cold and wet as well, the heating was even on!

Tuesday, 6th Jun 2017

Today baby Harriet had been sleeping badly in the night again, wanting to feed every hour, and so I moved her back to sleep in our bed as I didn't want to keep getting up.

Monday, 5th Jun 2017

Today for the first time, Harriet slept for 5hrs without feeding in the night. I was still exhausted all day though, from housework and playing with Owen, and accumulated tiredness from the past week. Owen came up to me and told me he loved me, which made it worthwhile.

Sunday, 4th Jun 2017

Today Alice and Simon came to ours for lunch. Owen was very friendly and we had a great time. In the evening I heard Harriet laugh for the first time.

Saturday, 3rd Jun 2017

Today Harriet woke up at a decent time and we managed to go to the shops and back before noon! We even managed to get some breakfast outside. I spent a lot of time playing with Owen and he was very happy.

Friday, 2nd Jun 2017

Today we took the children via train to watch Room On The Broom at Oxford Playhouse. In the evening Peter discovered some magic to get Harriet to stay asleep.

Thursday, 1st Jun 2017

Today Harriet hardly napped at all. And at night she woke me up every 30mins to an hour and took ages to get back to sleep. I was exhausted!

Wednesday, 31st May 2017

Today I took Harriet to get her immunisation. She was having difficulties napping and we both ended up dozing on the sofa for 3 hours.

Tuesday, 30th May 2017

Today we drove back home again from the long weekend at grandparents' house. Owen was very good and helped me bathe baby Harriet in the evening.

Monday, 29th May 2017

Today we had some peace and quiet at last. Owen was happier and in the night I finally got baby Harriet to sleep in her own bed instead of co-sleeping with me.

Sunday, 28th May 2017

Today Harriet napped like a dream in the attic at grandparents' house away from the noisy preschoolers. There was a lot of cousins shrieking going on downstairs that drove me mad too.

Saturday, 27th May 2017

Today we packed and drove to grandparents' house with Owen being distracting and annoying like one of those 'are we there yet' children.