Wednesday, 9th Nov 2016

Today still no internet in the morning, so Peter came to my workplace to do his work. We saw the midwife in the afternoon, and in the late afternoon, we finally got internet connection!

Tuesday, 8th Nov 2016

Today we took Owen to soft play, and he was so hyper he didn't have a nap later. We still had no internet.

Monday, 7th Nov 2016

Today we went to Witney to get Owen some new shoes. I had tummy ache in the evening, and woke up in the night shivering.

Sunday, 6th Nov 2016

Today it was rainy so we stayed in and made ginger biscuits with Owen. In the evening, a car crashed into the broadband cabinet near us and we lost internet connection.

Wednesday, 2nd Nov 2016

Today I had to drive home in the dark for the first time. Two rabbits jumped out in front of the car (thankfully I didn't hit them). When I reached home I realised I had driven home all the way with the internal car lights on.

Tuesday, 1st Nov 2016

Today I took Owen to have his flu vaccination and afterwards we met up with our NCT group children at the local soft play.

Monday, 31st Oct 2016

Today was Sunday for us as we did not have a Sunday yesterday. We took Owen to Witney and did some shopping.