Thursday, 10th May 2018

Today of course I sketched, and persisted in Sktchy Rise & Draw.  Can't remember doing anything else.

Wednesday, 9th May 2018

Today I fiddled with my sketch until 2am! Foolish old me, behaving like a teenager with no impulse control.

Tuesday, 8th May 2018

Today I managed to get some sketching done for Sktchy's Rise & Draw challenge while Harriet was napping.

Monday, 7th May 2018

Today it was still sunny, and maybe getting too hot. We went to Charlbury deli for lunch and was turned away as they had no food! We then went and bought food from the Coop to eat at the community centre instead. I stayed and played with Owen while Peter took Harriet home to nap. We role played secret agent in the park and on the way home.

Sunday, 6th May 2018

Today it was Arts Week. We went to see Owen's 'exhibition' at his preschool, and then went to see Mizue's amazing paper cut. I carried Harriet in a Wrapsody Breeze wrap and felt like a hippie mum except when she was pinching my arm and neck, making me scream in pain. Domestic abuse!

Saturday, 5th May 2018

Today we went to the Straw Kitchen at Whichford Pottery for lunch and met up with Alice and Simon. It was such a super lovely day and place, and company. A perfect day. When we drove home, both children fell asleep in the car, so I got to do some sketching at our front lawn while Peter did weeding (which he enjoyed!).

Friday, 4th May 2018

Today I was exhausted again from being too excited yesterday and from Harriet being noisy in the night. In the evening I didn't sketch again as I was busy catching up with all the Sketchbook Revival videos (about 2 hours of it each day, and which were only available for limited days), which was kind of ironic. I also discovered the wonderfully inspiring Love Life Drawing tutorials which are making me keen to try life drawing now!  So many videos to watch and no time to actually sketch!

Thursday, 3rd May 2018

Today I went to Bristol for the first time to visit our other office. Love the vibes there, but mostly I really enjoyed meeting the rest of my team as I was the only one of our team in the Charlbury office these days. I talked so much you wouldn't believe I'm usually shy. My head reverberated with words all evening.

Wednesday, 2nd May 2018

Today I started working on a Wagtail project at work instead of my usual Drupal, and I loved it even though I was just making small changes.

Tuesday, 1st May 2018

Today Peter helped out at the preschool, so I was alone with Harriet. I took her to the park and she then napped for a long time. In the evening I tried botanical drawing for the first time and rather liked the idea.

Monday, 30th Apr 2018

Today Peter took the children to the toddler group and then took Owen to the Maddie's house to play. Though I got to stay at home with relatively little to do, I didn't get anything done as I was so tired!

Sunday, 29th Apr 2018

Today I stayed home and got quite a bit of programming done while Harriet napped. I've also discovered a potential new hobby: block printing (on fabric)! Just looking at other people's works on Pinterest and Instagram makes my heart flutter.

Saturday, 28th Apr 2018

Today we took Owen to his friend's birthday party which I had forgotten about until after midnight last night! So we had to do some emergency present shopping and I was a bit grumpy. Harriet really enjoyed hereself there, grabbing balloons and shoes and trying to climb up to the bouncy castle. In the evening we had junk food and watched telly (The Zero Theorem).

Friday, 27th Apr 2018

Today I tried out my new watercolour brush in the evening by painting Peter while he worked on his website. We were both excited about Wagtail.

Thursday, 26th Apr 2018

Today was Robina's last day in Torchbox. A shame I had missed the opportunity to make her a close friend. I am just so rubbish in making friends. I kick myself so. I didn't sketch today, but instead, did programming in the evening. Harriet was super cute and happy, though she was still annoying in the night. I fear when she becomes a teenager.

Wednesday, 25th Apr 2018

Today I worked from home. Harriet had been terrible in the night again. Poor Owen was going to preschool and complaining about being tired.

Tuesday, 24th Apr 2018

Today we let Owen watch the first half of Jurassic Park on DVD, and he said he wasn't scared. I had a migraine in the evening and went to bed early-ish. Harriet was terrible in the night again.

Monday, 23rd Apr 2018

Today Owen went to soft play with Maddie and they had a great time. I baked a chocolate brownie cake.

Sunday, 22nd Apr 2018

Today I took Owen to Witney to watch Coco at the cinema again as he is obsessed with the Pepita character in the show. Afterwards we had a picnic at Church Green, and he was so good and played by himself for ages while I sketched. He was just fabulous all day, and told me he would try to 'do as he was told'. This was probably due to what I told him last week after we got very annoyed with him. I'm so lucky to have a conscientious, self-reflective child who constantly tries to be good even if he doesn't always succeed.

Saturday, 21st Apr 2018

Today we went to Oxford where Owen met up with Daisy and Lou at the Natural History Museum while I went to JP's memorial. So much thoughts and feelings, and no words fit for it.