Sunday, 11th Mar 2018

Today there was more rain and hot chocolate at the alps. I hung out with the Bristol beardy gang at cafe and did more sketching. Later there was more waiting at airport and we finally got on a flight home. I had a great time getting to know people and even did some sketching. I started to remember who I was before motherhood overwhelmed me some 4 years ago.

Saturday, 10th Mar 2018

Today I finally went skiing and it rained! It was very nice socializing with work mates in the evening, getting to know new people and catching up with old friends. Some I had known for more than 10 years!

Friday, 9th Mar 2018

Today we arrived at Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise finally. I thought to relax at the chalet but couldn’t check in until 4pm so I just wandered about and slept on the sofa (sleep deprived from traveling).

Thursday, 8th Mar 2018

Today I put Harriet to bed, said goodbye to Owen and then took a bus to stay at a hotel near the airport for our early flight. Owen cried and held on to my leg, saying, “But where are you going to sleep, mummy? You should sleep at your home when it is dark outside.”

Tuesday, 6th Mar 2018

Today I got to know about the #oneweek100people sketching challenge one day after it had started and tried to catch up by taking Owen to the library and park. He played with his best friend, Eddie, so I got the chance for some quick sketches of people in the part.

Monday, 5th Mar 2018

Today I started packing for my ski trip and wondered if I should ski less and use the money for equipment hire to buy art materials instead. In the afternoon Owen and I drew monsters together. In the evening I tried out drawing with India ink.

Sunday, 4th Mar 2018

Today the snow started to melt. We went to Jaffe & Neale to get Owen his World Book Day book, I love that shop. There was still no bread in the shops and now no milk too.

Saturday, 3rd Mar 2018

Today there was still some snow. I could finally go out and play in the snow. We went sledging in the park. There was no bread in the shop. Harriet was upset about her constipation and was unimpressed by sledging.

Friday, 2nd Mar 2018

Today Harriet vomited blueberries all over her bed, her bed clothes, and her hair in the middle of the night TWICE. And so we ran out of bed linen and had to do emergency laundry and bath. In the morning there was loads of snow so I worked from home. Peter took Owen out sledging as nursery was cancelled.

Thursday, 1st Mar 2018

Today I worked from home. The children were sent home early as the nursery shut for snow. Our new gas fire is too hot. In the evening I did more sketches. Haven't watched telly for a long time.

Wednesday, 28th Feb 2018

Today was Harriet's birthday. Can't believe it's been a year since giving birth to her, I still remember clearly how it felt when she came out. I sketched at lunch time at work for the first time. Later it started snowing quite a lot so I came home early to work from home.

Tuesday, 27th Feb 2018

Today I took Harriet to the Charlbury library and managed to sketched while there. It was very cold and even started to snow.

Monday, 26th Feb 2018

Today the children went to toddler group with Peter. Owen and I painted watercolour 'inkblot' creatures together.

Sunday, 25th Feb 2018

Today grandparents came to celebrate Harriet's birthday and we went to Blenheim Palace. The children had such a great time! It was very cold.

Saturday, 24th Feb 2018

Today we went to Witney to get supplies and I baked a Pandan Chiffon cake in the evening. Sadly it didn't turn out well and some of my meringue went to the kitchen floor when I turned the bowl upside down to test if they were stiff enough!

Thursday, 22nd Feb 2018

Today Owen didn’t want to wake up in the morning and both children were crying when I left home for work. In the evening I put them to bed early to see if things will improve.

Wednesday, 21st Feb 2018

Today Owen seemed troubled and clingy, and I wonder if I had been too harsh on him. He was very helpful and well behaved during dinner and I gave him extra cuddles. In the evening I made a massive egg & potato salad for next day's lunch.

Tuesday, 20th Feb 2018

Today I started doing the 'a drawing a day' challenge and ended up drawing late past midnight. Also because I was baking some Chinese New Year biscuits, which in the end I had to throw out as they were disastrous. We had been telling Owen off quite a lot lately as he had been particularly difficult. Also I drove out to buy grocery all on my own for the first time! Didn't do too badly on the driving and parking.