Saturday, 16th Jul 2011

Today I experimented with making semolina bread. The dough overproofed by quite a bit as I only got back from the allotment at 9:30pm. I had to perform emergency resuscitation to it which kinda worked.

Thursday, 14th Jul 2011

Today I planted 30 new plants (cabbage, brussel sprout, broccoli) for winter and spring. Let's hope I'll still be around then.

Wednesday, 13th Jul 2011

Today I went go karting with colleagues, and my team won the race! And then we went punting afterwards. Long evening!

Tuesday, 12th Jul 2011

Today I had my eyes tested, but there was nothing wrong with them, so that wasn't why I was dizzy.

Sunday, 10th Jul 2011

Today we went to the allotment and harvested more broad beans and lettuce and then Peter had to go back to Plymouth.

Friday, 8th Jul 2011

Today we had the most marvellous time at the Magdalen Arms, sharing a (pig) head for two. It was actually kinda romantic. Highly recommended.


Wednesday, 6th Jul 2011

Today I had a lovely dinner and evening with Helen, Bryan and later Andrew. We should have done this more often. Friends are good.

Tuesday, 5th Jul 2011

Today I started reading The War of the Worlds, having finally forgotten the story from the movie.

Sunday, 3rd Jul 2011

Today I woke up at 7:30am to finish laundry before Archer's. And then went to the allotment in the afternoon to harvest broad bean, blackcurrant and lettuce.

Thursday, 30th Jun 2011

Today I had my second cocktail night this week, celebrating Monika's birthday. It's been a fabulous week.

Tuesday, 28th Jun 2011

Today I tried to weave something with the willow from my allotment, but it was a bit of a disaster.

Sunday, 26th Jun 2011

Today I had great fun at the driving range with my colleagues, followed by Atomic Burger and then cocktail.