Today Sunday, 23rd Nov 2014

November - 14, Fri, 2014

Friday, 14th November we took baby to baby ballet, and managed to watch some telly in the evening though baby still woke up every hour.

November - 13, Thu, 2014

Thursday, 13th November I started knitting a new jumper for baby and ironically I had to neglect him a bit in order to work on this labour of love.

November - 12, Wed, 2014

Wednesday, 12th November baby cried and cried at his swimming class, I found myself desensitized to his cries now.

November - 11, Tue, 2014

Tuesday, 11th November we had a great time at an NCT friend's house with the babies. In the evening I started sleep training on baby again only to change my mind again and ended up weeping and breastfeeding baby to sleep. Really really really can't make up my mind about this, and Peter is too busy to read up on it to decide with me.

November - 10, Mon, 2014

Monday, 10th November we tried and tried and tried, but baby just wouldn't go to sleep (for more than 3 hours now!).

November - 09, Sun, 2014

Sunday, 9th November baby was surprisingly well behaved, and so I got to finish knitting the socks I made for him.

November - 08, Sat, 2014

Saturday, 8th November Peter made chicken casserole for dinner, which we shared with baby.


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