Today Monday, 2nd Feb 2015

January - 24, Sat, 2015

Saturday, 24th January I was grumpy with Peter as I was tired and stressed from childcare. We took baby to play with the swing in the playground (which he loved), and after that I baked a failed cake as I was too distracted by baby. May have to buy one to take to Alice's tomorrow instead!

January - 23, Fri, 2015

Friday, 23rd January baby refused to nap and was severely overtired and fussy, leaving me exhausted and fussy too. Poor Peter.

January - 22, Thu, 2015

Thursday, 22nd January we had a nice time meeting NCT friends and babies at Lizzy's. I felt energetic and looked at Owen's photos until nearly midnight though I had only 4hrs of sleep last night. Overtired?

January - 21, Wed, 2015

Wednesday, 21st January baby cried and cried from 11pm to 4am and so I only got 4hrs of sleep.

January - 20, Tue, 2015

Tuesday, 20th January I went to see my employer to talk about my return after maternity leave. It was good to see everyone, and it wasn't as scary as I had expected.

January - 19, Mon, 2015

Monday, 19th January baby was restless all night with a cold and messed up his sleep times, so Peter had to take him late to his baby group while I crashed at home.

January - 18, Sun, 2015

Sunday, 18th January was cold but sunny. We took baby to the playground to play on a swing, and afterwards we watched Duggee on iPlayer. 


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