Today Monday, 30th Nov 2015

November - 22, Sun, 2015

Sunday, 22nd November Peter and I were both very ill, but Owen seems to have gotten better. I'd finally cured Owen of his computer addiction by hiding my laptop and reading him loads of stories when he pointed to the laptop table and threw a tantrum.

November - 21, Sat, 2015

Saturday, 21st November it was very cold, and we were miserably cold when we went to the shops in town, and Owen was very fussy. Peter and I were also miserable and ill.

November - 20, Fri, 2015

Friday, 20th November Owen was back to normal and I had a nice relaxing evening knitting, eating mince pies, and watching telly.

November - 19, Thu, 2015

Thursday, 19th November poor Owen was still very ill and miserable. In the evening Peter's sister came for dinner with their toddler.

November - 18, Wed, 2015

Wednesday, 18th November Owen was ill, and very very miserable, grumpy and inconsolable. Poor baby. I worked from home and had to take half a day off to look after him until he drove me mad and Peter took over. In the evening I went to the WI meeting just to get out of the house!

November - 17, Tue, 2015

Tuesday, 17th November Owen seemed really ill and miserable. Hope he won't have to skip nursery again tomorrow!

November - 16, Mon, 2015

Monday, 16th November I had a (refresher) driving lesson! So it turned out I wasn't too bad afterall, though I still need a bit more practice. Owen has been suddenly very good with his puzzles, and couldn't seem to get enough of them. 


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