Today Monday, 22nd Sep 2014

September - 14, Sun, 2014

Sunday, 14th September we ate Tandoori all day (we cooked too much).

September - 13, Sat, 2014

Saturday, 13th September I felt an overwhelming love for baby. Funny hormones or maybe he really is the cutest sweetest baby ever?

September - 12, Fri, 2014

Friday, 12th September I took baby out to the fields to listen to the wind and birds (and remembered why I loved the countryside) and after that I swept the porch carrying baby in a carrier.

September - 11, Thu, 2014

Thursday, 11th September baby's high chair arrived and I discovered the annoyance of picking up toys he (repeatedly) threw to the floor.

September - 10, Wed, 2014

Wednesday, 10th September we took baby swimming and he did not like it at all. Poor baby.

September - 09, Tue, 2014

Tuesday, 9th September we took baby to music class and in the afternoon I tried to do some programming.

September - 08, Mon, 2014

Monday, 8th September we took baby for a walk to the village shop, and I also did more studying.


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