Today Sunday, 2nd Aug 2015

July - 24, Fri, 2015

Friday, 24th July baby was very loud, rude, fussy, hyper and naughty and I got fed up with him. 

July - 23, Thu, 2015

Thursday, 23rd July baby woke up at 5:30am and slept badly in the night, so I went to work really tired. I spent all evening writing emails to landlord, solicitor etc regarding home buying.

July - 22, Wed, 2015

Wednesday, 22nd July I went back to work after the holidays. Baby was very fussy and hyper all evening and didn't sleep very well, wearing Peter and I out.

July - 21, Tue, 2015

Tuesday, 21st July we took baby to the children's hospital in JR for a check up. He had a great time playing at the play area there. I wish we could go back just to play.

July - 20, Mon, 2015

Monday, 20th July I made Peter take the Kitchenaid mixer that he got me for my birthday back to Lakeland twice to exchange it from Ice Blue to Red and then to Cream. He was very patient about my indecision and didn't get angry. I wish I had changed it to Pistachio though.

July - 19, Sun, 2015

Sunday, 19th July we went to Witney to get supplies, and baby was very hyper and wouldn't nap. He didn't seem to realise that the holidays were over.

July - 18, Sat, 2015

Saturday, 18th July was the end of the lovely holidays. We drove back home and I was car sick, so we had to stop for lunch at Burford. Baby was happy and excited, behaving like a tourist, pointing and exclaiming.


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