Today Tuesday, 30th Aug 2016

August - 22, Mon, 2016

Monday, 22nd August grandparents took Owen to Little Wild Things, and we then had a lovely lunch at Banbury Hill Farm. In the evening we finished Stranger Things.

August - 21, Sun, 2016

Sunday, 21st August grandparents came to visit, and Owen was elated.

August - 20, Sat, 2016

Saturday, 20th August we went to Witney, and Owen had a great time shopping mostly because of the Waitrose scanner.

August - 19, Fri, 2016

Friday, 19th August we started watching Stranger Things on Netflix, and loving it.

August - 18, Thu, 2016

Thursday, 18th August we watched The Little Prince on Netflix and it reminded me of my life 20 years ago with my roommate Xuet on our planet C210.

August - 17, Wed, 2016

Wednesday, 17th August I had a nightmare regarding Owen and woke up hyperventilating. I still get weepy thinking about it. How vulnerable to love someone so much. Later in the morning I went to the hospital for a routine appointment.

August - 16, Tue, 2016

Tuesday, 16th August we put up the paddling pool in the garden and Owen had a lot of fun playing in it.


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