Today Sunday, 29th May 2016

May - 21, Sat, 2016

Saturday, 21st May Owen had a great time at our NCT group's combined birthday party for the 2yr olds. He ate 3 portions of cake, but was a very good boy. He kept saying, 'like this, like this' all the way home.

May - 20, Fri, 2016

Friday, 20th May Owen liked drawing so much he forgot to watch telly. In the evening I made mini pies for the party tomorrow.

May - 19, Thu, 2016

Thursday, 19th May Owen came home telling us he likes Little Monkeys and that he likes his friends Felix and Bella. When I told him off for something, he cried and said he felt 'sad sad'.

May - 18, Wed, 2016

Wednesday, 18th May Owen was in tears when I left for work, and had cried at the nursery for 20mins after being dropped off. In the evening, we let him play with the puddles outside, and he was considerably cheered up. Though he was still fussy after his bath, refusing to put on a new nappy, and had peed on me.

May - 17, Tue, 2016

Tuesday, 17th May I took Owen to feed the animals at Banbury Hill Farm while Peter did his work at the cafe there. He had a lovely time, but didn't eat much lunch, and when we came home he refused to nap, and ended up sleeping on Peter. And again, he didn't eat dinner, and refused to have a bath. In the evening we finished the really good, You, Me and the Apocalypse TV series.

May - 16, Mon, 2016

Monday, 16th May I took Owen to the Charlbury toddler group and the park in the morning. In the evening, he was finally happy in the bath again. Though I still didn't get to wash his hair (for a week now!)

May - 15, Sun, 2016

Sunday, 15th May I took Owen to see the Angry Birds movie at the cinema while Peter did his work at a cafe. Owen actually found it quite scary, much more than he found The Jungle Book.


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