Today Monday, 22nd Dec 2014

December - 14, Sun, 2014

Sunday, 14th December I finally cleared up some of the junk in the house, rearranged baby's play area to make it warmer and bigger, and finally put away the carrycot that he had outgrown for months.

December - 13, Sat, 2014

Saturday, 13th December we took baby to the Baby Sensory Christmas party.

December - 12, Fri, 2014

Friday, 12th December I managed to get baby to brush his own teeth. So proud of him!

December - 11, Thu, 2014

Thursday, 11th December poor baby was still ill and was very snotty, I played the guitar to cheer him up.

December - 10, Wed, 2014

Wednesday, 10th December baby was poorly and miserable all day with a nasty cold.

December - 09, Tue, 2014

Tuesday, 9th December I carried baby in a Mei Tai and took him Christmas shopping. We gave him his first store-bought puree in Cafe Nero, and he loved it and didn't even make a mess. I can imagine having my life back again!

December - 08, Mon, 2014

Monday, 8th December we had a fun Secret Santa party for our babies with our antenatal group friends.


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