Today Sunday, 24th Jul 2016

July - 16, Sat, 2016

Saturday, 16th July we took Owen to feed the farm animals at Banbury Hill Farm, and he loved it so much he didn't want to leave.

July - 16, Sat, 2016

Saturday, 16th July I finally got to work with the shiny new Drupal 8, and spent the evening doing more self study.

July - 15, Fri, 2016

Friday, 15th July I waited for 1.5hrs to see a rubbish doctor and had to work till midnight in the evening to make up for lost time at work. It was actually quite nice to work at night, and I could concentrate better.

July - 13, Wed, 2016

Wednesday, 13th July I started work again after 2 weeks' break. In the evening we finished watching iZombie.  

July - 12, Tue, 2016

Tuesday, 12th July I still couldn't get off the sofa, and had 3 naps, so we didn't take Owen out. Last night we had an unfortunate incident with the bathroom hot tap turning itself full blast for 2 hours before we noticed, so the paintwork upstairs now looked like a haunted house with all that condensation stain.

July - 11, Mon, 2016

Monday, 11th July we took Owen to Little Wild Things, where we had a campfire and he loved toasting the brioche and marshmallows (though he wouldn't eat the marshmallows).

July - 10, Sun, 2016

Sunday, 10th July I was mostly exhausted and found it very hard to get out of the sofa. Conversely, Owen was full of energy and didn't nap. So we went out for a walk, and he actually walked/ran most of the 1 mile.


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