Today Tuesday, 28th Apr 2015

April - 20, Mon, 2015

Monday, 20th April baby was throwing tantrums all day from wanting breast milk. We also took him to Toddler Sense, which he kind of liked. He also kissed a girl very gently on the lips while he was there.

April - 19, Sun, 2015

Sunday, 19th April baby had a great time opening presents and playing with grandparents, aunt, uncle and baby cousin. It's so good to see him so happy.

April - 18, Sat, 2015

Saturday, 18th April we took baby to the Cotswold Wildlife Park for his birthday weekend with his grandparents, aunt, uncle and baby cousin.

April - 17, Fri, 2015

Friday, 17th April baby was sent home early from the nursery as he was poorly and had a temperature. He cheered up immediately when home and played with his new toys. We think he faked his illness.

April - 16, Thu, 2015

Thursday, 16th April was baby's birthday! He was poorly and had a bit of temperature. In the afternoon, we went to view a house which I loved and couldn't wait to buy!

April - 15, Wed, 2015

Wednesday, 15th April poor baby had to go back to nursery again, and was very unhappy.

April - 14, Tue, 2015

Tuesday, 14th April we went to see a mortgage adviser, and baby was in a really good mood in the afternoon and was very cute.


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