Today Saturday, 25th Jun 2016

June - 16, Thu, 2016

Thursday, 16th June I panic-shopped for Owen's summer stuff.

June - 15, Wed, 2016

Wednesday, 15th June we had scallops for dinner. Owen learned to say, love you.

June - 14, Tue, 2016

Tuesday, 14th June we took Owen to Witney to buy new shoes, and he was being such a good happy boy. He ate all his lunch and dinner, and played by himself when home. In the evening I just watched TV as I was tired of found housework and DIYs.

June - 13, Mon, 2016

Monday, 13th June poor Owen was a little left out at the toddler group because he couldn't pedal and he couldn't jump. I spent all evening assembling the newly arrived IKEA furniture and oiling them until past midnight. Exhausted!

June - 12, Sun, 2016

Sunday, 12th June was rainy so we didn't go out. I was feeling bored, and restarted an old abandoned knitting project. Soon after I was busy with housework again. No time for boredom!

June - 11, Sat, 2016

Saturday, 11th June Owen woke up at 6am, but went back to sleep by himself on the floor when we refused to get out of bed. Afterwards we went to the farmers' market, but it was a bit disappointing with many of my favourite stalls missing. 

June - 10, Fri, 2016

Friday, 10th June was Peter's birthday. We went to a local gastro pub for dinner with Owen after work, and Owen was very well behaved, and we both got to eat our dinner this time without trouble.


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