Today Wednesday, 2nd Sep 2015

August - 25, Tue, 2015

Tuesday, 25th August we stayed home all day as it was raining and not very nice outside, and I felt extremely sleepy and tired. In the evening, I bathed and put Owen to bed by myself while Peter worked on his stuff, and Owen was very sweet and a good boy.

August - 24, Mon, 2015

Monday, 24th August we took Owen to a very very busy soft play, and then we met the carpet fitter at 5pm. Poor Owen was hungry and had to eat snacks for dinner. I ended up having to choose our new carpet and vinyl on the spot. It was an extremely difficult thing for someone as indecisive and picky as I am.

August - 23, Sun, 2015

Sunday, 23rd August I had a bad night, so Peter let me have a lie-in while he gave Owen breakfast. Then when Owen napped, Peter also napped, and hence we spent all day sleeping.

August - 22, Sat, 2015

Saturday, 22nd August Peter's friend, Guy, came from Hong Kong to visit us, and we had a nice time playing with Owen, and visiting our new house where I met up with the decorator.

August - 21, Fri, 2015

Friday, 21st August Owen had been waking up crying in the night again, we suspect it was because we didn't give the hungry monkey enough dinner. At work, I conducted a full day training session.

August - 20, Thu, 2015

Thursday, 20th August I saw that my dream house (that we made an offer for, but was sold to another) is now back in the market! But we have already bought a house, and maybe our house is better I guess.

August - 19, Wed, 2015

Wednesday, 19th August Owen had a great time at the nursery, and had been seen walking 8 steps on his own. Lots of flooring samples have also arrived for me.


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