Today Monday, 24th Oct 2016

October - 15, Sat, 2016

Saturday, 15th October we were tired from bad night and I was still feeling ill, so we didn't go out.

October - 14, Fri, 2016

Friday, 14th October I suffered from an awful cold. Owen cried for a long time in the bath due to an inexplicable tantrum.

October - 13, Thu, 2016

Thursday, 13th October Owen woke up pre-dawn and refused to go back to bed. So we took him to our bed, but he was restless and stroking my face and eyebrows so I couldn't go back to sleep either.

October - 12, Wed, 2016

Wednesday, 12th October I woke up with sore throat and a cold. Owen told me he slept very well last night.

October - 11, Tue, 2016

Tuesday, 11th October we took Owen to the dentist and he was about to burst into tears after the examination, but was consoled in time by a Thomas & Friends sticker.

October - 10, Mon, 2016

Monday, 10th October Owen had been waking us up in the night again. And during dinner, he threw up almost his entire dinner, making quite a mess.

October - 09, Sun, 2016

Sunday, 9th October I had a lie-in in the morning as I couldn't sleep for half the night last night. Owen seemed a bit poorly with cold and had a screaming bad nappy rash too. Poor thing.


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