Today Wednesday, 23rd Apr 2014

April - 15, Tue, 2014

Tuesday, 15th April we drove in to the hospital in the morning for labour to be induced after a sleepless night at home waiting for it.

April - 14, Mon, 2014

Monday, 14th April my waters broke in early morning, we waited in anticipation for the signs of contractions while lunching at Hacketts.

April - 13, Sun, 2014

Sunday, 13th April was beautifully sunny, we drove out to Bibury, but unfortunately there was no place to park, so we went to Burford instead.

April - 12, Sat, 2014

Saturday, 12th April we finished the Game of Thrones season 1 boxset borrowed from the library.

April - 11, Fri, 2014

Friday, 11th April was baby's estimated due date. We went out for dinner to celebrate, but still no baby yet.

April - 10, Thu, 2014

Thursday, 10th April someone came and bought our old car without much fuss at all.

April - 09, Wed, 2014

Wednesday, 9th April we woke up early to try to keep a sensible schedule, and I finished knitting my cabled bed socks, and finally packed the hospital bag.


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