Today Thursday, 23rd Oct 2014

October - 15, Wed, 2014

Wednesday, 15th October baby woke at 6:30am ready to play while I was coughing away, still feeling poorly. Really tricky to put baby to sleep when I keep coughing and waking him up. Thankfully Peter took care of baby so I could rest a bit longer. No sick leave or weekend breaks for poor baby carers!

October - 14, Tue, 2014

Tuesday, 14th October I was feeling ill and yet had to wake up every hour or so to feed / soothe baby in the night, I felt like I was going to die. And then I thought I heard him cry 'Mummy'.

October - 13, Mon, 2014

Monday, 13th October I was too ill, so Peter took baby to the baby group instead. We also tried feeding baby grapes and nori.

October - 12, Sun, 2014

Sunday, 12th October we stayed in as I was feeling poorly.

October - 11, Sat, 2014

Saturday, 11th October the bundles of books I bought for baby from The Book People arrived, and still we took baby to Barefoot books in Summertown.

October - 10, Fri, 2014

Friday, 10th October I came down with a cold and couldn't take baby out. It was really hard to carry out baby's sleep training in the evening too. Having second thoughts about it. 

October - 09, Thu, 2014

Thursday, 9th October I spent the whole afternoon at Witney and Cogges with baby so Peter could have some peace at home. In the evening I started to feel unwell from a cold.


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