Monday, 24th Jul 2017

Today it was rainy so we stayed home at grandparents' all day and Owen had loads of grandparents attention all day and was very happy.

Sunday, 23rd Jul 2017

Today we packed and left quite late for grandparents' and arrived in time for dinner. Owen was very happy with the surprise (we didn't tell him beforehand so to avoid him bugging us with 'are we there yet').

Friday, 21st Jul 2017

Today we put the children to sleep early and watched 4 episodes of Veronica Mars while eating cherries, grapes and chocolate.

Thursday, 20th Jul 2017

Today we went to Witney so Peter could see an optician and order new glasses. We went to the library to borrow many books for Owen, and he hopped around with happiness when he found them upon returning home from nursery. I washed Harriet's hair today, and sadly it's no longer stand-uppy when dry! They grow up so quickly.

Wednesday, 19th Jul 2017

Today I had little sleep in the night due to baby's night waking and Peter's snoring. Fortunately I managed to snooze in the morning when Peter took care of the children.

Tuesday, 18th Jul 2017

Today Harriet has been waking up every 2 hours in the night again. But she is so very cute in the day! We also finally received the children's passports. Yay!

Monday, 17th Jul 2017

Today I had such an efficient hospital checkup appointment in Oxford (minimal waiting!) that we had plenty of time for a picnic at Blenheim Palace afterwards. Owen was extremely happy all day, saying he liked hospitals. Baby Harriet was very cute and we received a few compliments from old ladies.

Sunday, 16th Jul 2017

Today I had migraine probably from being dehydrated yesterday at the Preschool's party. So I mostly slept or lay on the floor while children trample over me. We won lunch for two at The Bull in the Preschool raffle! I've never won anything at a raffle before! 

Saturday, 15th Jul 2017

Today we went to Owen's preschool birthday bash. He played with water pistols for the first time and got his face painted.

Friday, 14th Jul 2017

Today Harriet woke up very early again. We tried her on the door bouncer for the first time. She was desperate to try my blueberries smoothie, so I let her have a lick and she went mad with excitement afterwards.

Wednesday, 12th Jul 2017

Today I took Harriet out to meet Owen after preschool to play in the park. In the evening, we finished the Veronica Mars season 2 DVDs.

Tuesday, 11th Jul 2017

Today I was still tired (I'll never recover!) and didn't do much. I may have put Owen off potty training by being annoyed with him for not trying harder.

Monday, 10th Jul 2017

Today I was poorly with a cold and napped a lot. In the evening we put the children to bed before our own dinner. Quite nice to have dinner without the kids! Good conversation and romantic. No kiddy music or shouting or wailing.

Saturday, 8th Jul 2017

Today we went to Bill's at Witney for lunch to celebrate my birthday, but the children were a handful, and eating lunch out seemed to be the hardest thing to do.

Friday, 7th Jul 2017

Today I woke up after noon as the night was still rough despite Harriet's sleep training. Can't imagine it ever working. My memories of Owen's sleep training experience is hazy, probably due to the high stress then.

Thursday, 6th Jul 2017

Today we attempted to submit the children's passport applications yet again, and got turned away twice! (The dates on the counter signature did not match those on the photos, and then later because the postoffice had network issues). But after some dogged persistence we finally got it sent off! Fingers crossed! Harriet has also gone to sleep after 45mins of crying. Fingers crossed it gets better!

Wednesday, 5th Jul 2017

Today I slept till noon as Harriet's night wakings were just terrible (she's abusing us!). In the evening she yet again refused to sleep despite nearly 2hrs of feeding / soothing etc, and so I had to just put her down and let her cry it out for another hour before she fell asleep finally. It's either that or I murder the entire family.