Sunday, 16th Apr 2017

Today we celebrated Easter and Owen's birthday. He was very excited but sleepy (woke up since 6am), and didn't want to try the balance bike I got him.

Saturday, 15th Apr 2017

Today we went to Peter's parents for the Easter weekend, and both children were very good in the car, awake but not grumpy or crying. When we arrived, baby was smiley and observant.

Friday, 14th Apr 2017

Today we went to the Easter event at Blenheim Palace but it wasn't as good as I'd expected as it was cold and windy and Owen was grumpy and prone to tantrums.

Thursday, 13th Apr 2017

Today I was exhausted from a tough night of breastfeeding (where I breastfed baby from 1 to 4am non-stop, and then every 30mins-1 hour afterwards). It don't understand. What did she do with the milk? Where did it go? She couldn't possibly hold that much milk.

Wednesday, 12th Apr 2017

Today I went for my 6 weeks postnatal check. Someone came to start work on our patio. Very excited about having a patio soon!

Tuesday, 11th Apr 2017

Today we stayed home and tried to let Peter get some work done, but we still had our hands full with hyperactive Owen (who was very happy all day), and a constantly nursing baby.

Monday, 10th Apr 2017

Today we went to Witney to get Owen new shoes, but didn't buy any in the end. In the evening we continued watching Death in Paradise, which we loved.

Sunday, 9th Apr 2017

Today we stayed home and enjoyed the sun in our garden instead. I had problems with over supply of breast milk and realised how much more troublesome this was than under supply.

Friday, 7th Apr 2017

Today both Peter and I got fed up with Owen when he refused to eat dinner and was making a mess instead. This was exacerbated by Harriet being poorly and fussy. In the evening when we could finally relax, we watched Zombie Pride and Prejudice.

Thursday, 6th Apr 2017

Today we went early to pick Owen up from nursery so we could drop the birthday party invitations for his nursery friends. Afterwards we went to the park and Owen face-planted from the slide and got some nasty bruises on his face and forehead!

Wednesday, 5th Apr 2017

Today I rushed about to get things ready for Owen's birthday while baby requires non-stop breastfeeding.

Tuesday, 4th Apr 2017

Today we went to view the tiles for our new patio and later took Owen to play date  at Zenah's house.

Sunday, 2nd Apr 2017

Today Owen went to his friend, George's birthday party and had a great time. Meanwhile I was at home feeding baby all day. She seems insatiable.

Saturday, 1st Apr 2017

Today we spent the day at Blenheim Palace again. Owen made a few friends at the playground.

Friday, 31st Mar 2017

Today I drove to Witney and back while Owen was in nursery, and even managed to get some petrol. Peter was with me for support.

Wednesday, 29th Mar 2017

Today I was nearly convinced that Owen no longer loved me, but he gave me a daisy and was suddenly very nice to me, and even asked for me when he cried (when throwing tantrums at daddy).