Sunday, 24th Sep 2017

Today grandpa came to help look after the children while we frantically packed and sorted stuff out for our trip to Singapore tomorrow!

Saturday, 23rd Sep 2017

Today Harriet finally had a few massive poops after days of constipation. She seemed less miserable now and so far been sleeping much more soundly. Fingers crossed. Feeling bad that we keep telling Owen off for being rough with Harriet. He just seemed so hyper lately, or maybe he's always been like that.

Friday, 22nd Sep 2017

Today we watched more The Expanse on Netflix. Harriet was up 8 times last night! So I was generally very cranky today.

Thursday, 21st Sep 2017

Today I did more sorting and packing and got rid of loads of junk! Harriet had a cold and was constipated and was very miserable in general. Poor girl.

Wednesday, 20th Sep 2017

Today Harriet was angry all day after a bad night. Owen went to play at Maddie's house after preschool, and Peter had fun socialising with Maddie's dad while I made use of the quiet time to do more packing and sorting.

Tuesday, 19th Sep 2017

Today I sorted out my old clothes to throw out and it made me sneeze and sneeze. So much to declutter! I listened to End of The World Running Club while breastfeeding, and rather liked the book. We watched The Expanse on Netflix in the evening and rather liked the show.

Sunday, 17th Sep 2017

Today we had lunch at the Charlbury Deli and Owen wanted 2 cheese rolls! Later, Owen had a great time feeding peas to Harriet during 'pea time'.

Saturday, 16th Sep 2017

Today we went to the Charlbury Street Fair where Owen had 2 Empanadas, one ice cream and a chocolate cake. We were so exhausted we didn't make dinner for ourselves but only fed the children. Harriet was so tired from not napping that she fell asleep at dinner time.

Friday, 15th Sep 2017

Today I woke early and did more sorting through the children clothing and old stuff. Harriet was especially cute and been bottom shuffling a lot.