Wednesday, 14th Mar 2018

Today I did some sketching at lunchtime in the office. After preschool, Owen's best friend, Eddie, came over to our house to play. 

Tuesday, 13th Mar 2018

Today Harriet was up for 3hrs in the night and so I was exhausted in the morning. I spent all evening trying to upload videos of Harriet eating pasta to Facebook and it was somehow complicated.

Monday, 12th Mar 2018

Today I got home at 2:30am and had to pumped milk for an hour or so before I could sleep as I was so full from not breastfeeding or pumping all day. I woke late in the morning and in the afternoon Maddie came over to play with Owen.

Sunday, 11th Mar 2018

Today there was more rain and hot chocolate at the alps. I hung out with the Bristol beardy gang at cafe and did more sketching. Later there was more waiting at airport and we finally got on a flight home. I had a great time getting to know people and even did some sketching. I started to remember who I was before motherhood overwhelmed me some 4 years ago.

Saturday, 10th Mar 2018

Today I finally went skiing and it rained! It was very nice socializing with work mates in the evening, getting to know new people and catching up with old friends. Some I had known for more than 10 years!

Friday, 9th Mar 2018

Today we arrived at Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise finally. I thought to relax at the chalet but couldn’t check in until 4pm so I just wandered about and slept on the sofa (sleep deprived from traveling).

Thursday, 8th Mar 2018

Today I put Harriet to bed, said goodbye to Owen and then took a bus to stay at a hotel near the airport for our early flight. Owen cried and held on to my leg, saying, “But where are you going to sleep, mummy? You should sleep at your home when it is dark outside.”

Tuesday, 6th Mar 2018

Today I got to know about the #oneweek100people sketching challenge one day after it had started and tried to catch up by taking Owen to the library and park. He played with his best friend, Eddie, so I got the chance for some quick sketches of people in the part.

Monday, 5th Mar 2018

Today I started packing for my ski trip and wondered if I should ski less and use the money for equipment hire to buy art materials instead. In the afternoon Owen and I drew monsters together. In the evening I tried out drawing with India ink.