Tuesday, 3rd Oct 2017

Today we went to Chinatown to run some errands, then in the evening we met my sister's family for dinner and for the kids to play lanterns together. Owen had a great time with his cousin Coen.

Monday, 2nd Oct 2017

Today we went to the SEA aquarium at Sentosa. We left quite late as we woke late and so didn't have time to go to the beach. We did have sushi however, and Harriet loved tamagomaki.

Sunday, 1st Oct 2017

Today my sister came over and our boys had a great time playing at the nearby playground.

Saturday, 30th Sep 2017

Today we went to my sister's house. It was amazing having Owen and Coen play with each other and leaving the grownups with no childcare to do. Owen was extremely patient and tolerant when Coen refused to share and had a great time nevertheless. I'm so proud of him.

Friday, 29th Sep 2017

Today Owen finally got to meet his cousin Coen. I was exhausted from Harriet being awake for 4hours in the night(!). We went to Satay Club for dinner and the two boys were so cute together.

Thursday, 28th Sep 2017

Today Harriet woke Owen in the night with her crying and really upset Owen. So I moved her to my mum's room away from him. In the morning Owen was so tired he threw up and was ill in bed all day.

Wednesday, 27th Sep 2017

Today we had a rough night as Harriet woke and refused to go to sleep and then woke Owen with her cries. In the afternoon my mum and I took Owen out for a haircut ($3!) and walk around the town. He was so happy about the lifts, escalators, and bus rides. Later Peter and Harriet joined us and we got to eat out at a restaurant in peace while both children crashed in the stroller & baby carrier. We put the kids to bed at 10pm.

Tuesday, 26th Sep 2017

Today we arrived at Singapore! Owen loved it but poor Harriet was so warm she got heat rash and was miserable. And we were all exhausted. Amazingly both children seem to take to my mum immediately so we could get some child care relief.

Monday, 25th Sep 2017

Today we flew for the first time with kids and everyone was very nice to us. Sadly Owen was still very fussy and grumpy and totally unimpressed by the aeroplane. And the kids only let me sleep for 30mins on the 13hour red eye flight.