Tuesday, 24th Oct 2017

Today we again forgot to let Harriet have her second nap and perhaps that's why she kept waking up after she had gone to bed.

Monday, 23rd Oct 2017

Today we went to Witney to do shopping. Harriet had been waking loads in the night but she's very cute.

Sunday, 22nd Oct 2017

Today we went to Banbury Hill Farm for cosy tea and walk. But it was too cold and rainy for a nice walk and they didn't have fire!

Saturday, 21st Oct 2017

Today I met up with a very kind lady in our village who helped me with translating a Danish knitting pattern I have. Afterwards I had some time alone without children to enjoy a cappuccino and tiffin. In the evening, Owen thanked me for making dinner and surprised me with his good manners.

Friday, 20th Oct 2017

Today Harriet had been munching on everything desperately and so it was because she was sprouting her first tooth. We gave her fish (salmon) for the first time and she loved it.

Thursday, 19th Oct 2017

Today I took Owen to the flu clinic and then dropped him at nursery. He had a melt down when I was dropping him off and I had to leave him crying after me.

Wednesday, 18th Oct 2017

Today I had a speedy hospital appointment. Looking at my dear friend's smiling avatar, I still can't believe he is gone.

Tuesday, 17th Oct 2017

Today I received the shocking sad news of a friend’s sudden death. Goodbye, dear friend.

Monday, 16th Oct 2017

Today the sky was strange and yellow due to hurricane dust. We went to Witney to get supplies and Harriet wasn’t content to just lie in the buggy anymore.

Sunday, 15th Oct 2017

Today we were still tired and jet-lagged. The children had been waking up in the night and I have a cold.