Friday, 13th Apr 2018

Today Harriet slept through the night but Owen woke twice. In the evening, Harriet had a massive poop in the bath and we were both traumatised by it.

Thursday, 12th Apr 2018

Today I spent the evening doing my first homework for an online sketching course I’ve just joined, and ended up sleeping very late.

Wednesday, 11th Apr 2018

Today Harriet had been crying for ages in the night again! Don't know what's with her. Owen on the other hand had been very happy and trying extra hard to be good. In the evening, Harriet and Owen played together, it's nice to see them get along so well.

Tuesday, 10th Apr 2018

Today I took Owen on a bus trip to Oxford while Peter stayed home with Harriet. Owen was super excited (mostly about being on a bus) and was very good all day though we only went to a bookshop. I didn’t sketch this evening as I was busy panic shopping when I realised it was Owen’s birthday this weekend.

Monday, 9th Apr 2018

Today I drove and took Owen out to soft play by myself while Harriet napped at home with Peter looking after her. Owen was very good playing by himself and I even got to do some people sketching.

Sunday, 8th Apr 2018

Today Harriet woke up in the night with a big poop, so again, I didn't get to sleep well. Peter took the children to kids runaround, and I stayed home to bake a pandan chiffon cake. Successful this time!

Saturday, 7th Apr 2018

Today Harriet kept crying in the night and so I didn't get to go to bed until 4:30am! Was exhausted the next day.

Friday, 6th Apr 2018

Today Harriet slept through the night, and we all woke early. I was actually not late for work, and the children at nursery by 9:15am. What a perfect day!

Thursday, 5th Apr 2018

Today I did a sketch of our office at lunch time and then spent the entire evening working on it with pen and watercolour. I need to work faster.

Wednesday, 4th Apr 2018

Today I spent the evening looking at other people's drawings in instagram etc, and found yet another new love, Tom Haugomat. Just so inspiring to see so many different and beautiful art around.