Friday, 3rd Nov 2017

Today I made fish pie. Harriet was still waking frequently in the night and I  finished reading Leviathan Wakes while feeding her.

Wednesday, 1st Nov 2017

Today we went to The Bull to claim our free lunch, the prize of a lucky raffle. Afterwards we went to collect Owen from preschool where he threw a tantrum and refused to walk. So we stood on the pavement, with him bawling (and people coming out of their houses to investigate), for 45mins!

Tuesday, 31st Oct 2017

Today Harriet was very fussy and tired from missing her nap so we hurried and put her to bed early. Owen too, was fussy and tired, and had thrown a tantrum during dinner over the halloween sweets,  so no trick or treating for him.

Monday, 30th Oct 2017

Today was a beautiful day. We went to the library again and Owen played with another boy there. We had Rico’s pizza for dinner. Harriet still didn’t nap well and still had a terrible nappy rash. 

Sunday, 29th Oct 2017

Today grandparents visited us. Owen had a great time with them. We went to the new community centre and park and I ran into Helen.

Saturday, 28th Oct 2017

Today Peter and I had yet another argument about my fear of driving. Nobody understands and being bullied about it like this just makes it worse.

Friday, 27th Oct 2017

Today Harriet continued to be fussy and had difficulty napping / sleeping too. She had a terrible nappy rash, and so did Owen. I spent all day looking at disgusting pictures of rashes on the internet. I finally took her to see the doctor, who just thought it was a common nappy rash. Poor baby, she was in such agony at the bath.

Wednesday, 25th Oct 2017

Today I was feverish and achey from a new cold. Harriet had been unsettled too. So I didn’t take Owen out and let Harriet cry a lot and just been a bad parent in general. Still feel sad about friend’s death but what can I do?