Thursday, 23rd Nov 2017

Today poor Harriet had constipation and seemed in pain and didn't sleep very well. My cold had developed into an annoying cough, drowning me in phlegm.

Wednesday, 22nd Nov 2017

Today I did more shopping (don't worry, most of them will be returned to the shops), and we started watching The Good Place, which we loved. Good to have found a new TV series to watch.

Tuesday, 21st Nov 2017

Today I didn't go out to meet up with friends because I had a horrible cold, and so did Harriet, and everyone at home. I did a lot of pre-black-friday shopping, which I probably shouldn't have done if I had just an ounce of impulse control.

Monday, 20th Nov 2017

Today I snipped my hair off because it was too troublesome. Owen was at home all day and very bored. Harriet was very happy mostly and ate a lot. We've reshuffled the dining area so she now sits next to Owen, which she loves. I racked my brains over Christmas presents.

Sunday, 19th Nov 2017

Today we went out to lunch at the deli and then went to the new community centre library and park. We had a good day and everyone was happy and well behaved.

Saturday, 18th Nov 2017

Today I was exhausted again from Harriet waking up a lot in the night (and not going back to sleep after feeding). We stayed in all day and listened to Alexa loop fireplace sounds. Owen's been a very good boy lately.

Friday, 17th Nov 2017

Today I took Harriet out to the village fireplace shop to have a chat about installing one. Then I had cake while waiting to pick Owen up from nursery.

Thursday, 16th Nov 2017

Today Harriet was still pooping all night which was exhausting for us both. I woke at 2pm as a result!

Wednesday, 15th Nov 2017

Today Harriet had diarrhoea all night. Owen finally did a proper big poo in the toilet. We were both very excited and admired it before flushing it away. Tempted to take a photo but that might’ve been too weird.

Tuesday, 14th Nov 2017

Today Harriet woke in the night with a massive poop. In the morning we visited the village primary school in anticipation of Owen’s admission next year. Exciting! Poor Harriet had diarrhoea all day. My credit card got blocked for shopaholic activities. The man from the bank listed my transgressions and made me admit to each before releasing my card. I had a migraine.