Sunday, 28th Oct 2018

Today Peter took the children to a birthday party while I stayed home nursing my migraine which didn't go away until long past midnight and so I lost the entire day!

Thursday, 25th Oct 2018

Today we drove back home. When home, I folded a sketchbook in record time! 26mins! This previously took me more than an hour. So my new methods worked brilliantly. Feeling smug and clever.

Wednesday, 24th Oct 2018

Today Owen and Harriet were bored and asking for grandpa. I woke up late as Harriet woke me up in the night.

Tuesday, 23rd Oct 2018

Today Grandparents went away to babysit for Peter's sister in London, and we took the children to tea and scones.

Monday, 22nd Oct 2018

Today we went to the Science Museum in London, and the Natural History Museum too. Harriet didn't nap!

Sunday, 21st Oct 2018

Today we drove to Grandparents' house, and the children behaved marvellously on the journey, and Owen didn't even ask for the iPad or snacks.