Tuesday, 31st Jul 2018

Today I took Owen out to Witney to buy groceries. It was the first time I parked at the busy Waitrose car park. Owen was really good and patient while I shopped, I really enjoy taking him out. In the evening, I made more concertina sketchbooks and refilled my watercolour pans.

Monday, 30th Jul 2018

Today Harriet was fussy and annoying. We went to Witney for lunch at a cafe near the green. The children had a lot of fun just running in the field. Owen was very nice, sensitive and thoughtful to me and I was grumpy because Harriet was naughty and I was tired.

Sunday, 29th Jul 2018

Today it rained and rained and was getting cold again. Peter had a lie in. We stayed home and didn't do much. Owen was amazingly good and helpful with Harriet.

Saturday, 28th Jul 2018

Today we went to Riverside Festival and I really enjoyed the live music at the preschool tent (mostly by parents and friends of parents). Owen and Harriet didn't seem as impressed. In the evening I chose to do drawings instead of having a shower (so tired I couldn't do both). It's been raining and was not hot today. Peter surprised me by cleaning off the 2 year old mould from our bathroom ceiling!

Friday, 27th Jul 2018

Today the children didn't wake us up in the night or morning! Miracle! Sadly I had to get up for work. Bet they will wake at dawn on the weekends again.

Thursday, 26th Jul 2018

Today I sketched during lunchtime with Georgie on her beautiful handmade paper. It was tricky painting on the unsized paper but so much fun trying to adapt to this medium. And it's so nice to find someone who's equally excited about these.

Wednesday, 25th Jul 2018

Today is work day! I gave away my first kudos card at work, and it was nice letting people know you appreciate them. Harriet has learnt to say no (previously she could only say yes), and it even sounded like 'no, thank you'.

Tuesday, 24th Jul 2018

Today I woke up early and took the children to the library and came back before Peter was even out of bed!

Monday, 23rd Jul 2018

Today we went to Cutteslowe park where Owen had a great time playing at the playground and water play. Harriet was less impressed. It was super hot, the hottest day this year so far!

Sunday, 22nd Jul 2018

Today we took the children to Witney to feed the ducks (peas), Harriet was excited to see real ducks.