Saturday, 17th Feb 2018

Today we went to Witney and met up with Daisy & Lou for lunch. Later I came home to cook a huge amount of noodles and brought them to the Chinese New Year party. Owen had been very difficult and annoying lately and both Peter and I ended up scolding him again and again. In the evening I enjoyed our new fire.

Friday, 16th Feb 2018

Today I worked from home so Peter could take Owen to nursery without waking Harriet. She napped for 3.5 hours in the morning! In the evening we watched The End of the F World.

Thursday, 15th Feb 2018

Today the builders came to finish up the fireplace. Harriet was sent home from nursery for having a temperature. 

Wednesday, 14th Feb 2018

Today we went to the natural history museum in Oxford, and then to a late hospital appointment and came home rather late. The children were both tired and hungry. Poor Owen we had been neglecting him lately, distracted by Harriet being cute, and so he's had to resort to misbehaviour to get our attention.

Tuesday, 13th Feb 2018

Today I went to work in the office while Peter babysit the children for half-term. They seemed very happy with him. Harriet had been up 3 times in the night, breastfeeding. She didn't seem to understand mummy needs to work the next day.

Monday, 12th Feb 2018

Today Harriet threw up in the night after feeding and then cried and cried for hours again. How can such a cute baby turn into such a terrible gremlin in the night? The architect came today finally to discuss plans about the extension.

Sunday, 11th Feb 2018

Today grandparents came to visit and the children were elated. Owen had a really good time and went to bed after 10pm!

Saturday, 10th Feb 2018

Today Harriet cried for hours in the night again so we were all exhausted in the day and Owen was so tired he fell sick and went back to sleep in the afternoon so we couldn’t go out.

Friday, 9th Feb 2018

Today Harriet cried and cried for hours in the night, so I went to work feeling exhausted. I blame it on the nursery skipping her afternoon nap.

Thursday, 8th Feb 2018

Today I formally went back to work. Harriet was quite good in the night, and even enjoyed her nursery today.