Wednesday, 21st Mar 2018

Today Harriet woke in the night and wouldn’t go back to sleep even after feeding and cried for nearly 2 hours waking keeping all of us up. I spent the evening cleaning my fountain pens and doing house keeping on my art supplies.

Tuesday, 20th Mar 2018

Today Harriet was up at 5:30am again, exactly same time as yesterday! Her naps of the day went a bit crazy so I didn't get to take her out to soft play as I had planned. We went to the park instead with Owen and he had a great day playing with his best friend, Eddie.

Monday, 19th Mar 2018

Today Harriet woke up very early pre-dawn and wouldn't go back to sleep. Then later she cried and cried and wouldn't nap, and was just a pain all day. Owen went to Maddie's house to play. I was grumpy and had a headache. I spent all evening sketching. We needs telly?

Sunday, 18th Mar 2018

Today we took the children to Kids Runaround at the community centre. It snowed, but the snow was rather disappointing. We were all ill with some kind of cold.

Saturday, 17th Mar 2018

Today it started to snow again. Owen had a massive melt down in the morning because we weren't going to the cinema. So our trip to Witney was delayed by an hour trying to calm him down and dress him. Later we went to Witney to get grocery and Harriet napped for 3.5hrs after we came home.

Friday, 16th Mar 2018

Today Harriet was sent home from nursery for having fever. I came home to work from home in the afternoon, but Peter took her out anyway as she was bored and annoying at home. In the evening I put her to sleep extra early just to get rid of her. Afterwards I had fun doing some ink/paint blot painting.

Thursday, 15th Mar 2018

Today Harriet had become a rather annoying whiney baby. We hoped it was only temporary. I felt ill with cold and grumpy and lazy, and didn't want to do the washing up.

Wednesday, 14th Mar 2018

Today I did some sketching at lunchtime in the office. After preschool, Owen's best friend, Eddie, came over to our house to play. 

Tuesday, 13th Mar 2018

Today Harriet was up for 3hrs in the night and so I was exhausted in the morning. I spent all evening trying to upload videos of Harriet eating pasta to Facebook and it was somehow complicated.

Monday, 12th Mar 2018

Today I got home at 2:30am and had to pumped milk for an hour or so before I could sleep as I was so full from not breastfeeding or pumping all day. I woke late in the morning and in the afternoon Maddie came over to play with Owen.