Monday, 15th Oct 2018

Today I made a sketchbook, still too slow. There was a heavy feeling in the air as we were feeling sad (and perhaps guilt to the children) about Peter getting a full time job, though we were also very excited about his new job. Rather scary to change, though we both agree it will be a good experience for him. Probably like how even when you dread a run, you usually feel great afterwards.

Sunday, 14th Oct 2018

Today Owen still didn't want to go out, and the weather looked terrible, so we stayed home all day again. I made another sketchbook.

Saturday, 13th Oct 2018

Today I woke up early to play with the children and they were very happy mostly even though we stayed home all day. In the evening, I dabbled in printing on fabric.

Thursday, 11th Oct 2018

Today Peter had an exciting job interview in Oxford. Sad that we will have to change our current comfortable lifestyle (where he works as a relaxing freelancer & stay-at-home dad), but excited about the new prospects for him too. I had a great time showing off my handmade sketchbooks at work.

Wednesday, 10th Oct 2018

Today was a beautifully warm day, and we had a group yoga session outdoor during lunchtime at work. We also had a cake sale to raise funds (and happiness) for world mental health day. What a nice day.