Monday, 19th Nov 2018

Today Peter started his new job! I took Harriet to the toddler group. She was so cute. I will miss her next year when we send her to nursery for even more days. :( In the evening we had our first PTA meeting for Owen.

Sunday, 18th Nov 2018

Today we went to Witney and finally bought Harriet new shoes. In the evening Peter was short tempered. Maybe it is nerves about his new job tomorrow. I didn't want to go to bed angry, so I stayed up late.

Saturday, 17th Nov 2018

Today we went to the bookshop cafe in Chipping Norton and ran into Owen's best friend, Maddie there. Everyone thought Harriet was very cute. In the evening I drew some moose for inspiration on a festive lino cut.

Thursday, 15th Nov 2018

Today I drove to work in the new car and loved it though I'm really not a car person. Sadly I had already scratched both front and back wheel hub caps on the curb. In the evening Daisy came to visit and the children went mad.

Wednesday, 14th Nov 2018

Today I had the day off work to clear my holidays, so I went to Oxford to do some sketching with the Oxford Urban Sketchers group.

Tuesday, 13th Nov 2018

Today I drove our new car out for the first time, but had to turn back shortly due to a road accident (not caused by me).

Monday, 12th Nov 2018

Today I finally organised the new sketchbooks I made, took photos of them, and added them to Etsy to sell.

Sunday, 11th Nov 2018

Today we went to Witney to watch Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero. Luckily though it was a war film it wasn't too scary or sad for the children. In the evening I carved my first lino block! Loved it! It wasn't as difficult as I had thought, probably due to my splurging on some top quality carving tools, and the hours of passive learning I had done, reading blogs and watching video demos.

Saturday, 10th Nov 2018

Today we went to Oxford as we felt sorry for the children who had to stay in the last 2 weekends due to illness and other business. It turned out not as nice as I had hoped as Harriet was trouble and it was rather stressful and frustrating for us.