Monday, 29th Apr 2019

Today I took Harriet to Little Wild Things where we met up with Georgie and Evie. Afterwards they came over and played all day until nearly 5pm. What a lovely day!

Sunday, 28th Apr 2019

Today I finally couldn’t resist anymore and secretly bought an iPad Pro + pencil. Shhh.

Saturday, 27th Apr 2019

Today we had to wake the kids at 8:30am to get ready to go to Witney to watch How To Train Your Dragon.

Friday, 26th Apr 2019

Today Owen went to Jude’s birthday party unsupervised and was over-sugared, stoned, tired, and rude by the time I came to collect him. 

Thursday, 25th Apr 2019

Today I took Harriet to see the GP to get more meds for her constipation. Even had to collect Owen early from school in order to make it to the appointment on time.

Wednesday, 24th Apr 2019

Today Harriet continued to suffer from constipation and was in so much distress I had to collect her early from nursery. It breaks my heart to see her suffering. Not sure if related, she also started telling us about her imaginary friend for the first time.

Tuesday, 23rd Apr 2019

Today we stayed home all day as Owen wanted to play with his birthday presents. I baked scones. In the evening we watched Game of Thrones.

Monday, 22nd Apr 2019

Today we're going back home. Everyone went out for a walk while I stayed home (at grandparents') for some peace and quiet vacuuming.

Sunday, 21st Apr 2019

Today we were woken up super early again by Owen's cousins shouting outside our bedroom. 4 children is quite a lot under one roof. I managed to finish all of Persepolis Rising audiobook.

Saturday, 20th Apr 2019

Today we were woken up super early. We had a lovely quiet  time with the children in the garden at grandparents'.

Friday, 19th Apr 2019

Today we packed up to go to grandparents' house for the weekend and to see Owen again! It was super hot in the car, wish the air-con hadn't broken down.

Thursday, 18th Apr 2019

Today I took Harriet to the park after work. Owen was still away at grandparents. She played with her friend Sebastian for quite a while.

Wednesday, 17th Apr 2019

Today I took Harriet to Blenheim after work because I couldn't find a place to park near the library. She played at the sandpit, playground, and we went on the Merry-Go-Round, Helter Skelter (my first time!), and spinning Tea Cups. Regretted not going on the Ferris Wheel as well. And then the choo choo train. We left Blenheim after 5! She was laughing a lot, and kept saying "horsey (merry-go-round) very good!". A shame Owen wasn't there!

Tuesday, 16th Apr 2019

Today was Owen's birthday! But he's away at Grandparents'. I went back to work and Harriet had problem waking up. In the afternoon we stayed home to play with magic sand and stickers.

Monday, 15th Apr 2019

Today we waited for Grandma to come take Owen to her house to stay for the rest of the school holidays. We played in the garden while waiting. Then Harriet was very sad when Owen left.

Sunday, 14th Apr 2019

Today Owen went to Freddie's birthday party while Harriet stayed home with me. We played in the garden.

Thursday, 11th Apr 2019

Today was the last day of my 'holiday'. I took Harriet and Owen to Blenheim palace while Peter was at work. They had a great time playing at the sandpit, playground and of course, the choo choo train.

Wednesday, 10th Apr 2019

Today we had another fun school holiday day, going to Oxford again, this time via Park & Ride. It was sunny and beautiful, we had lunch at St. Giles and then ice cream at G&D's. Like good old days! Afterwards we went to the Natural History  museum.