Friday, 23rd Jul 2010

Today I lost my temper on the road again and put myself (on my bicycle) and other people (in cars) in danger. I should have POOR IMPULSE CONTROL tattooed on my forehead.

Thursday, 22nd Jul 2010

Today I went to Oxford Go Club with Pavel despite impending rain. I'm becoming more weatherproof these days.

Tuesday, 20th Jul 2010

Today I felt bad going to Oxford Go Club without Peter. Then I forgot that I would be cycling home alone and went the spooky way, scaring myself with thoughts of ghosts.

Monday, 19th Jul 2010

Today I got carried away with online shopping and forgot to eat dinner, and even forgot to call Peter!

Sunday, 18th Jul 2010

Today I met up with friends for brunch, and then went shopping, played guitar, played ukulele, played Go, napped and watched BBC Proms on iPlayer. It was a long day without Peter.

Wednesday, 14th Jul 2010

Today I stayed in and watched TED videos with Peter, it was our last quiet evening in before he leaves for Plymouth on Saturday.

Tuesday, 13th Jul 2010

Today I brought Pavel to the Oxford Go club meeting, but it was cancelled due to TED Late Nights using the same venue. Would've loved to gate crash.

Monday, 12th Jul 2010

Today I had a panic clean-up of my flat after discovering some 50 maggots under the sofa.

Sunday, 11th Jul 2010

Today I bought a cheap £25 bike so I won't have to carry my brompton up and down the stairs whenever I go out.

Tuesday, 6th Jul 2010

Today I had been thinking about my past again. I do that whenever I make new friends, as if I want them to feel sorry for me and give me a pat on my back for having turned out fine. Is this what they call self pity?

Sunday, 4th Jul 2010

Today I sat on the toilet at 6:30am and had a zen moment. The birds were wonderful. Perhaps I should do this more often.