Saturday, 7th Aug 2010

Today was a wonderful day with Peter. We played Go, and then watched Inception at the cinema.

Thursday, 5th Aug 2010

Today I was told by my opponent at the Oxford Go club that he'd never seen anyone sulk as much as I did when playing Go.

Wednesday, 4th Aug 2010

Today I practiced Go by playing out a pro game from the archive (Yi Ch'ang-ho vs Chang Hao's - March 2010), it was an interesting game.

Tuesday, 3rd Aug 2010

Today I went to the Oxford Go Club and played badly. I think I give myself too much pressure. Silly.

Monday, 2nd Aug 2010

Today I moved this site to WebFaction. All went well except for a few hiccups, and the site got hacked while I slept.

Sunday, 1st Aug 2010

Today I spent all day fiddling with coding and server stuff for leisure, not work.

Saturday, 31st Jul 2010

Today I had a driving lesson, and then I had a nap, then I did laundry, read a Python book, read Fray magazine, hoovered my flat, worked on my allotment, made dinner and watched Gardeners' World on iPlayer. It was a long day.

Thursday, 29th Jul 2010

Today I attended an Acquia webinar on Drupal 7. It was my first webinar. I almost got tricked into actually raising my hand instead of clicking the 'raise hand' button when asked to raise my hand.

Tuesday, 27th Jul 2010

Today I cycled to Suzy's for Carcassonne despite the pouring rain, and I didn't get drenched in the end after all.

Friday, 23rd Jul 2010

Today I lost my temper on the road again and put myself (on my bicycle) and other people (in cars) in danger. I should have POOR IMPULSE CONTROL tattooed on my forehead.

Thursday, 22nd Jul 2010

Today I went to Oxford Go Club with Pavel despite impending rain. I'm becoming more weatherproof these days.

Tuesday, 20th Jul 2010

Today I felt bad going to Oxford Go Club without Peter. Then I forgot that I would be cycling home alone and went the spooky way, scaring myself with thoughts of ghosts.

Monday, 19th Jul 2010

Today I got carried away with online shopping and forgot to eat dinner, and even forgot to call Peter!