Wednesday, 25th Aug 2010

Today when my friends talked about family, I didn't tell anyone that I've not spoken to my mum in 4 years, and my dad in 10 years. I've not made a single phone call back home all the 6 years I've been in the UK. I'm a cold hearted bitch.

Monday, 23rd Aug 2010

Today I came back to Oxford from Plymouth, and spent the day doing laundry and other errands.

Sunday, 22nd Aug 2010

Today Peter and I went to the Bang Goes the Theory road show in Plymouth, and we had our pictures taken with Dr Yan. Sort of.

Saturday, 21st Aug 2010

Today I went to Plymouth to see Peter. We spent the evening at a lovely real ale country pub at Tavistock, and then I had a lovely hot bath later. Felt like holiday!

Sunday, 15th Aug 2010

Today I planted some lettuce and little gem at the allotment and added a 'no bunnies' sign.

Saturday, 14th Aug 2010

Today I sang and played 猫になりたい (I want to be a cat) on the ukulele. What a cute song.

Friday, 13th Aug 2010

Today I went out to Atomic Burger for Adrian's birthday dinner despite heavy rain, and I didn't get drenched.

Wednesday, 11th Aug 2010

Today I tried to do many things at once, read many books at once. At some point I may have to slow down, but there isn't enough time.

Tuesday, 10th Aug 2010

Today I felt frustrated like a petulant child. I guess that's only fair, since I'd been far too happy for far too long this time.

Monday, 9th Aug 2010

Today I slept under a tree during my lunch break (my colleague thought I was dead). It was wonderful.

Sunday, 8th Aug 2010

Today was a brilliant sunny day. We went to the allotment and then to Flickrnic. It was sad when Peter had to go back to Plymouth.