Monday, 27th Mar 2017

Today Peter took Owen to the toddler group. Baby has been throwing up loads again so I was grumpy and tired. Owen was very good, but we neglected to give him a shiny sticker as I got annoyed with him for something trivial right when he was going upstairs for bath and bed. 

Sunday, 26th Mar 2017

Today Peter's parents came to visit and played with Owen all day. In the evening I had a migraine (from drinking champagne).

Saturday, 25th Mar 2017

Today was a beautiful sunny day and we had a perfect day at Blenheim Palace with Owen and baby.

Thursday, 23rd Mar 2017

Today I took baby to coffee and cake at a local church to meet up with Robina and Jess. Loads of mums and babies, and within walking distance. It's perfect if only I could just put down baby to do some sketching.

Tuesday, 21st Mar 2017

Today I listened to most of Ben Aaronovich's The Hanging Tree on Audible while breastfeeding baby.

Monday, 20th Mar 2017

Today in the morning Owen's friend came to visit to see our new baby. In the afternoon we took baby to the hospital for more jaundice checkup, and they took ages to get her blood sample while she wailed and screamed in pain. We were both traumatised by the experience and now she seemed unsettled and unhappy all night and day. They broke her!

Sunday, 19th Mar 2017

Today I still didn't get much sleep, but we went to Witney anyway, and Owen was quite happy. When we came back, both children fell asleep in the car and napped till dinner time.