Friday, 8th Feb 2019

Today I finally got to do some work at home. In the evening Owen went to his school disco, and Harriet gate crashed.

Thursday, 7th Feb 2019

Today Harriet was still banned from nursery so I stayed home to look after her. I also took her to see the GP about her chronic constipation, it made me so sad to see her suffering. We spent a lot of time at the library as she really didn't seem ill at all and she played a lot with her friend Cleo.

Wednesday, 6th Feb 2019

Today Harriet got sent home from nursery for having a temperature. So I didn't get to have my nice work lunch or get to work much!

Monday, 4th Feb 2019

Today I drove with Harriet all the way to the hospital in Oxford for a routine checkup. The queue to the parking was atrocious, luckily I allowed myself 1hr to park and had plenty of snacks to appease Harriet with. 

Sunday, 3rd Feb 2019

Today Grandma came to visit and the children had a lot of fun with her. In the evening I did some hand printing until my arm aches (only 8 prints!). No wonder people use a printing press.

Saturday, 2nd Feb 2019

Today Peter went out to Oxford in the evening to watch Dave Gorman. We put the children to bed by 6:30pm! I also had my first Etsy order, yay! I spent the evening painting with watercolour.

Friday, 1st Feb 2019

Today was snow day! School was cancelled, though nursery was still on till 3. Peter couldn't get to work so he helped look after the children while I worked from home. Peter took Owen sledging and Owen loved it.

Thursday, 31st Jan 2019

Today we went out after dinner to Bedtime Stories at Owen's school from 6-7pm. As Peter wasn't home yet, I took Harriet with me. She was super excited to go out so late and to get to go in the classrooms, and to be with other children. 

Tuesday, 29th Jan 2019

Today was super cold. The children bullied me into giving them snacks before they would get in the car.

Monday, 28th Jan 2019

Today I took Harriet to the toddler group, but she spent most of the time on my lap. Perhaps she has outgrown the group. We had a nap together in my bed. In the afternoon she played really well with Owen.

Sunday, 27th Jan 2019

Today I gave up my chance for a lie in this morning because I missed the children. They were so happy, playing together and laughing, it filled my heart with joy. In the afternoon, I actually did some drawing, after a period of being uninspired.

Saturday, 26th Jan 2019

Today we went to Witney and the children were ridiculously happy and so cute. When we got home, I spent a long time 'frying' tapioca flour in preparation for baking Kueh Lapis on Monday.

Friday, 25th Jan 2019

Today I saw Mizue's newborn baby! Harriet was surprisingly happy when I picked her from nursery and didn't cry or protest on the way home. Amazing. Maybe she's fixed. She even went to bed without crying much.

Thursday, 24th Jan 2019

Today Owen had tennis lesson after school and again I drove home with Harriet screaming and crying in the car.

Wednesday, 23rd Jan 2019

Today Owen was super good about going out to get Harriet in the evening and even walked super fast with me.

Tuesday, 22nd Jan 2019

Today I was super late pick up Owen from school as I spent a long time trying to parallel park before giving up and parked somewhere else.

Monday, 21st Jan 2019

Today I thought I would skip toddler group to see if Harriet would nap then, but she still didn't nap, but was throwing tantrums to get me to take her out. So we went to the library and she fell asleep in my arms when I breastfed her in the library. I spent the evening honing my linocut tools.

Sunday, 20th Jan 2019

Today we went for a walk in the cold. Harriet still refused to nap. In the evening I looked for air tickets to Singapore.