Tuesday, 22nd Nov 2016

Today we drove back home from grandparents'. In the morning Owen was very good and stayed in bed quietly though he woke early. He later told us that 'Grandpa, Grandma still sleeping, I need to sleep very well'. And in the evening, he declared that he would read his own bedtime stories and shooed us out of the room.

Monday, 21st Nov 2016

Today I went to London to submit my Singaporean citizenship renunciation application while grandparents took Owen to the Natural History Museum which he absolutely loved.

Sunday, 20th Nov 2016

Today Auntie Gill visited us at grandparents'. Owen had a great time playing trains with grandpa.

Saturday, 19th Nov 2016

Today we travelled to grandparents' house and Owen was annoyingly awake for most of the journey and only fell asleep right when we were nearly there.

Friday, 18th Nov 2016

Today Owen was very happy again, and cuddled me loads. In the evening Peter and I watched and loved Guardians of The Galaxy.

Thursday, 17th Nov 2016

Today Owen was feeling poorly with cold and woke up in the night crying, 'want Mama!', like a small baby again.

Wednesday, 16th Nov 2016

Today I blogged about how I migrated my website to Drupal 8. It's the first blog post I've written in years! And I used to be a compulsive writer. How strange I have become.

Tuesday, 15th Nov 2016

Today we took Owen to Banbury Hill Farm for lunch. Again he didn't nap in the afternoon. I'm afraid that's the end of afternoon naps for him, and tea break for me. I finished knitting a jumper for him which looks too small.

Monday, 14th Nov 2016

Today I finally moved my ageing Drupal 6 website (this website) to Drupal 8! Though it is still unstyled and ugly.