Thursday, 16th Feb 2017

Today Owen was excited to go to tennis lessons but ended up feeling bad as he was the only new kid amongst the mostly older kids, and was lost and left out. "Want to go home and see mama," he said dejectedly. Poor boy!

Wednesday, 15th Feb 2017

Today Owen went to nursery and I got the afternoon free to sketch and paint the house across the street from the living room window.

Tuesday, 14th Feb 2017

Today I took Owen to the cinema to watch Ballerina, and he was terrified though it wasn't scary at all.

Monday, 13th Feb 2017

Today Peter took Owen to Little Wild Things (forest school), but Owen didn't seem to enjoy it as much as before.

Saturday, 11th Feb 2017

Today I felt depressed thinking that once the short break is over (while Owen is in nursery and before new baby comes) we'll again have no life or freedom for the next ten(?) years. Won't be able to go to the cinema to watch grown up movies, go to nice restaurants, relax at cafe, go out without faffing about with kids, or even just go out in the evening. We've only managed to go to the cinema once in the past 3 years without Owen. It makes me want to scream and cry. 

Friday, 10th Feb 2017

Today we spent hours at Cafe Nero while Owen was in nursery (and I'm on maternity leave and new baby not arrived yet). I was sketching and 'relaxing', but again it wasn't as good as I'd expected.

Thursday, 9th Feb 2017

Today we went to the cafe at Banbury Hill Farm for coffee while Owen was in nursery, but it wasn't as amazing as I'd thought it would be.

Tuesday, 7th Feb 2017

Today Owen started preschool and came home very happy and suddenly more grown up. I did a lot of vacuuming today and even cleaned the car, and so was happy too.