Wednesday, 21st Dec 2016

Today I was grumpy about Owen's recent bad behavior, and started listening to 'Calm Parents, Happy Kids', and it did inspire me to be nicer to him.

Tuesday, 20th Dec 2016

Today we took Owen to the garden centre to see Father Christmas, and Owen threw a hissy fit. Certainly didn't deserve the 'Good Boy' certificate Father Christmas gave him.

Monday, 19th Dec 2016

Today I took Owen to the cinema to watch A Nightmare Before Christmas as he kept talking about going to the cinema. It was so boring I almost dozed off.

Sunday, 18th Dec 2016

Today we went to Witney and Owen loved the new cafe. Afterwards we went to the toy shop, and Owen really really wanted a T.rex toy and refused to leave the shop without it. However after giving him a moment, he finally did the right thing and put it back. Good boy!

Friday, 16th Dec 2016

Today was my last day of work this year. Owen slept very badly last night again, so Peter and I were exhausted and woke up late for work. We spent the evening having lots of fun with my early Xmas present from work, including Owen.

Thursday, 15th Dec 2016

Today Owen was up again and again in the night, and ended up sleeping in our bed. In the morning we were all exhausted and grumpy, and been prone to tears and outbursts all day. Owen had Christmas dinner and a visit from Father Christmas at his nursery today. In the evening he had a massive tantrum before bed.

Wednesday, 14th Dec 2016

Today I spent all evening trying to get a module patch to pass automated testing on, trying to fix the million convoluted test failures, and it turns out it was failing even without my changes. And no, Owen didn't sleep through the night again. He's broken.

Tuesday, 13th Dec 2016

Today Owen woke in the night a few times again. In the morning we took him to Woodstock for Xmas messy play, and then we went to Witney so I can get some annoying bank stuff settled at the bank, and Owen fell asleep in the car on our way there.