Saturday, 19th Jun 2010

Today we started work on my allotment. I felt bad killing the 'weeds'. Gardening for now seems to be mostly about killing.

Thursday, 17th Jun 2010

Today I was exhausted from work and all the excitement of the week, and so I stayed at home (to read the gardening books) while Peter went out to meet our Oxford Flickr friends.

Tuesday, 15th Jun 2010

Today was a great day for me. I formally became the proud owner of an allotment, I also attended the Oxford City Go Club for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed my first game with a human that isn't Peter.

Saturday, 12th Jun 2010

Today I went to view an allotment plot, they seemed to think I was a gardening idiot, but I would really like to try.

Thursday, 10th Jun 2010

Today was Peter's birthday, I finally got to play with the slate and clamshell Go set that I got him.