Sunday, 11th Jul 2010

Today I bought a cheap £25 bike so I won't have to carry my brompton up and down the stairs whenever I go out.

Tuesday, 6th Jul 2010

Today I had been thinking about my past again. I do that whenever I make new friends, as if I want them to feel sorry for me and give me a pat on my back for having turned out fine. Is this what they call self pity?

Sunday, 4th Jul 2010

Today I sat on the toilet at 6:30am and had a zen moment. The birds were wonderful. Perhaps I should do this more often.

Saturday, 3rd Jul 2010

Today Peter drove me to B&Q to get gardening supplies for the last time before he leaves for Plymouth. I was grouchy and impossible to please.

Tuesday, 29th Jun 2010

Today I was too tired to go out after work, so I lay in bed and played Go on my iPad instead.

Monday, 28th Jun 2010

Today I met up with friends to celebrate Monika's last day at work and her birthday. Peter was away at Plymouth viewing flats.

Wednesday, 23rd Jun 2010

Today I received a free iPad from Torchbox and a TomTom sat nav which I had bought. The iPad made me happy, and the TomTom made me want to kill someone.