Wednesday, 23rd Mar 2011

Today I spent most of my evening answering a survey on shopping, and then spent the rest of the time shopping online. It's a trick!

Sunday, 20th Mar 2011

Today I woke up at 8am to do laundry, and then met Garrett for lunch, and Neil for coffee and then went to town and had ice cream by the canal. It felt like a good long day.

Friday, 18th Mar 2011

Today I mixed some dough for making sourdough bread tomorrow, and made some rosti for dinner. I really ought to do other things than cook.

Thursday, 10th Mar 2011

Today games night was cancelled. I plan on eating all those cinnamon rolls all by myself. Omnomnom.

Wednesday, 9th Mar 2011

Today I made some cinnamon rolls to take to games night at Dave's tomorrow. Maybe I should've made a cake instead?

Tuesday, 8th Mar 2011

Today I kneaded and slapped my dough (Robert Bertinet style). My downstairs neighbour must think I'm into S&M.

Sunday, 6th Mar 2011

Today was a beautiful sunny day. I meant to do some work at the allotment, but ended up making bread all day instead.