Wednesday, 27th Apr 2011

Today we worked hard at the allotment and planted 5 tomato plants. Fingers crossed, hopefully no blight this time.

Tuesday, 26th Apr 2011

Today we left Peter's parents to come back to Oxford. The weather had turned cold again. We stayed indoors and watched Doctor Who and Aliens (not in one film, good idea though).

Monday, 25th Apr 2011

Today we sat outside and played Go. I beat Peter for the first time without a handicap. We then lay on the lawn and took turns to read John Wyndham's The Kraken Wakes.

Sunday, 24th Apr 2011

Today we had an Easter hunt, played croquet on the lawn, had a BBQ and then sat by the chimenea, watching starlight when the solution to a 6 month old problem came to me.

Saturday, 23rd Apr 2011

Today we went to Peter's parents. It was warm like summer, we sat outside in our shorts, and played badminton on the lawn.

Friday, 22nd Apr 2011

Today Peter and I worked on the allotment almost all day, and had a lovely pub lunch too.

Thursday, 21st Apr 2011

Today we had a wondeful company & family lunch, sitting in the sun. And then in the evening Peter came to Oxford. Great!

Thursday, 21st Apr 2011

Today we had an enjoyable company & family lunch at Torchbox, sitting in the sun. And then in the evening Peter came to Oxford. Great!

Tuesday, 19th Apr 2011

Today was a lovely sunny day. I went out for pub dinner with Chris and Neil, and then to the Go club for the first time in months, and really enjoyed myself.

Monday, 18th Apr 2011

Today my car failed its MOT, and will probably have to be scrapped. Sad about that but glad we found out before driving for the Easter holidays and putting our lives in danger.

Sunday, 17th Apr 2011

Today I spent all day getting my new Macbook Pro set up for development work, and finally succeeded despite a million errors. Yay!

Friday, 15th Apr 2011

Today we went out for a lovely pub lunch at work. I love the crazy people I work with.

Sunday, 10th Apr 2011

Today was another brilliant sunny day. I did my laundry, baked the week's loaf, then cycled to a pub for beer and pie.