Thursday, 30th Jun 2011

Today I had my second cocktail night this week, celebrating Monika's birthday. It's been a fabulous week.

Tuesday, 28th Jun 2011

Today I tried to weave something with the willow from my allotment, but it was a bit of a disaster.

Sunday, 26th Jun 2011

Today I had great fun at the driving range with my colleagues, followed by Atomic Burger and then cocktail.

Saturday, 25th Jun 2011

Today was hot hot hot. We worked in the hot sun at the allotment, and then had lunch at Jericho Cafe.

Wednesday, 22nd Jun 2011

Today I sent some poems to a poetry writing competition. Had a great time daydreaming about winning, not unlike buying lottery.

Monday, 20th Jun 2011

Today I dreamt that I had a tiny cute baby. It vomitted on my library books though, and was making a mess everywhere. Was it really a dream?

Sunday, 12th Jun 2011

Today we waited drenched in wind and rain for our missing bus home at the top of a coastal cliff. Finally some kind souls gave us a lift. People are wonderful.

Friday, 10th Jun 2011

Today Peter and I spent all day soaking in a hot tub, in the rain and sun and day and night.