Sunday, 17th Apr 2011

Today I spent all day getting my new Macbook Pro set up for development work, and finally succeeded despite a million errors. Yay!

Friday, 15th Apr 2011

Today we went out for a lovely pub lunch at work. I love the crazy people I work with.

Sunday, 10th Apr 2011

Today was another brilliant sunny day. I did my laundry, baked the week's loaf, then cycled to a pub for beer and pie.

Saturday, 9th Apr 2011

Today was a brilliant sunny day. Neil helped me trim the willow at my allotment, I thanked him by feeding him beer and ice-cream.

Friday, 8th Apr 2011

Today was a brilliant sunny day. I missed a BBQ as I had to sort out boring things like car insurance and shopping returns.

Monday, 4th Apr 2011

Today I had a store-bought bread for breakfast for the first time since I started baking my own.

Sunday, 3rd Apr 2011

Today I took the train back to Oxford and finished reading my bread baking textbook (Daniel T. DiMuzio).

Saturday, 2nd Apr 2011

Today we indulged in an evening of cheap trashy DVDs (Zombieland and Cloverfield) while drinking beer. All we lacked was KFC.

Wednesday, 30th Mar 2011

Today I studied hard about homofermentative (gay) and heterofermentative (straight) bacteria and the lactic and acetic acids they produce in bread. How interesting.

Tuesday, 29th Mar 2011

Today I grudgingly returned the wonderful freebies which a merchant had delivered to me by mistake. I guess it was the right thing to do.