Monday, 29th Aug 2011

Today we had a sumptuous sizzling steak lunch at Abingdon with friends. And then Peter went back to Plymouth.

Saturday, 27th Aug 2011

Today we met friends for lovely breakfast at Jacobs & Field (wholesome indie cafe), and then went to work in the allotment.

Saturday, 27th Aug 2011

Today I went to watch Beautiful Lies with Ash and Monika, and laughed quite loudly. I also bought a travel guitar...

Thursday, 25th Aug 2011

Today I spent all evening shopping online again! This time for a travel guitar. No, I didn't succumb to the Buy Now button (yet).

Wednesday, 24th Aug 2011

Today I had another wonderful day at drupalcon 2011 London. I just love these things, and everyone was fab.

Monday, 22nd Aug 2011

Today I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening bonding with fellow Drupalcon attendees at the pub.

Monday, 22nd Aug 2011

Today I travelled to East Croydon for DrupalCon. What a soul destroying ugly city, reminding me of Singapore.

Sunday, 21st Aug 2011

Today I dragged myself out of the house to meet friends at FlickrNic. It was a lovely sunny day for a picnic.

Thursday, 18th Aug 2011

Today I was too lazy to go out and meet my friends at the pub. Why? I really wanted to go, but really couldn't bring myself to.

Thursday, 18th Aug 2011

Today I worked harder at Eu Preciso Dizer Que Eu Te Amo, but my pronunciation is a joke, and so is my super short pinkie. But then Django Reinhardt played amazing guitar with just 2 fingers.

Wednesday, 17th Aug 2011

Today I attempted to play and sing Cazuza's Eu Preciso Dizer Que Eu Te Amo on the guitar. The pronunciation is a bit tricky. 

Monday, 15th Aug 2011

Today I made a loaf of bread, and then spent most of the evening sorting out the crazily complicated form for Indefinite Leave To Remain.

Saturday, 13th Aug 2011

Today I left Plymouth to come back to Oxford, reading zombie novel on the train. Wish I could spend more time with Peter.

Thursday, 11th Aug 2011

Today I missed my train to Plymouth because my connecting train was late, and I had to take the next crowded train with no free seat. It was like a refugee train out of War of the Worlds (and I was reading World War Z).

Thursday, 11th Aug 2011

Today I harvested more food from my allotment, I can see how people can get religious, it really does feel god sent.