Tuesday, 15th Nov 2016

Today we took Owen to Banbury Hill Farm for lunch. Again he didn't nap in the afternoon. I'm afraid that's the end of afternoon naps for him, and tea break for me. I finished knitting a jumper for him which looks too small.

Monday, 14th Nov 2016

Today I finally moved my ageing Drupal 6 website (this website) to Drupal 8! Though it is still unstyled and ugly.

Saturday, 12th Nov 2016

Today we stayed in all day as it was grey and cold outside. I worked on upgrading my blog website again, and then ran out of time and internet.

Friday, 11th Nov 2016

Today I spent ages trying to park my car at my workplace, and eventually had to leave it totally askew eventhough my car was the only car at the carpark, and there were no lines or pillars. I'm just that bad at it!

Thursday, 10th Nov 2016

Today Owen threw tantrums at me a few times and seemed quite annoyed with me for no good reason. But he did feel bad afterwards.

Wednesday, 9th Nov 2016

Today still no internet in the morning, so Peter came to my workplace to do his work. We saw the midwife in the afternoon, and in the late afternoon, we finally got internet connection!

Tuesday, 8th Nov 2016

Today we took Owen to soft play, and he was so hyper he didn't have a nap later. We still had no internet.

Monday, 7th Nov 2016

Today we went to Witney to get Owen some new shoes. I had tummy ache in the evening, and woke up in the night shivering.

Sunday, 6th Nov 2016

Today it was rainy so we stayed in and made ginger biscuits with Owen. In the evening, a car crashed into the broadband cabinet near us and we lost internet connection.