Tuesday, 30th Jan 2018

Today Harriet has fully recovered from flu and had become extremely playful as if to make up for lost time. In the evening we cleared out stuff from our living room to make way for the builders. I met Peter today 10 years ago!

Monday, 29th Jan 2018

Today I went to meet the children and Peter when the toddler group finished. Later, I helped Owen write a letter to his best friend who lives next door. In the evening I ruined yet another sketch with my bad watercolouring, but I learnt a new trick. 

Sunday, 28th Jan 2018

Today we took both children to the Charlbury Kids Runaround. Nice to meet other parents there. Both Owen and Harriet were very happy. After dinner Owen made Harriet laugh hysterically by feeding her bananas. In the evening I allowed myself to cheat and sketch from a photograph (instead of from real life).

Saturday, 27th Jan 2018

Today we went to watch the new Pixar film, Coco. Harriet's been ravenous all day and eating lots. Owen had a haircut.

Friday, 26th Jan 2018

Today I worked in the day and had a sinus migraine in the evening. Harriet was looking better finally and her appetite picking up.

Thursday, 25th Jan 2018

Today Harriet was finally better from her flu and started eating more again. She's suddenly taller and managed to steal a sheet of stickers from Owen's desk and got herself covered in them.

Wednesday, 24th Jan 2018

Today we cancelled Harriet's settling in session at her nursery as she was probably still contagious and feeling poorly. Owen was very happy and cuddly and cute. Both children were extremely talkative, I made them talk among themselves.

Tuesday, 23rd Jan 2018

Today the fire place people came down to look again to give us a quote on building a chimney breast. Harriet woke very late so we skipped the second nap and put her to bed much earlier. I went to bed at 8pm feeling feverish and chills. Harriet woke up many times in the night, giving me no rest.

Monday, 22nd Jan 2018

Today Peter took Owen to the toddler group while Harriet and I stayed home being ill. In the evening Peter started feeling ill again, so after we put the children to bed, I was alone downstairs while he had an early night. I spent the evening putting together an Ocado grocery order. No fun.

Sunday, 21st Jan 2018

Today Peter was a bit better, I was worse (I had a flu jab, but still had mild symptoms), Harriet was still miserable and Owen was completely immune to the flu (he had a nasal vaccine) and feeling very bored. So Peter took him to the community centre. 

Saturday, 20th Jan 2018

Today Peter and I caught whatever Harriet has. She’s still miserable and we were also exhausted from waking in the night for her and for Owen. Owen was very good in the day, playing by himself.

Friday, 19th Jan 2018

Today Harriet was still unwell and her cries were hoarse. I went to work again and had to work in the evening as she had made me late for work.

Thursday, 18th Jan 2018

Today Harriet had high fever and was waking up all night. I had to go to work and leave her with Peter.

Wednesday, 17th Jan 2018

Today I stayed home feeling hygge, curled up on the sofa with hot chocolate, reading Lagom, the book I borrowed from the library yesterday. Yes, yes, need to declutter. But first, we need a fireplace, and maybe a new kitchen, and maybe when the children have grown up and moved out.

Tuesday, 16th Jan 2018

Today I took Harriet out for coffee at the community centre library and she was very happy. I should probably go out more.

Monday, 15th Jan 2018

Today I went to Oxford for a hospital checkup and left the children with Peter. I missed my train home as I was too tired and not paying attention. Spent about 4hrs waiting for transport today, leaving me numbed. At home I lost my will listening to children’s music. Not a good day.

Sunday, 14th Jan 2018

Today I woke early and let Peter snooze a bit. We had a relaxing day at home and I even got to read and paint a bit.

Saturday, 13th Jan 2018

Today we went to Witney to get grocery in the late afternoon and the children were tired and annoying. I spent the evening getting more things set up on my new laptop and then we watched the AlphaGo documentary on Netflix. So inspired to play Go again or work on some machine learning projects, but we never have the time. Didn't get to do any sketching today again.

Friday, 12th Jan 2018

Today I worked till late as I was stupid at my work and wanted to redeem myself. In the morning, I spent ages stalling the car on our road, thinking maybe it was broken or ran out of battery, only to realise (after > 10 tries) that I had left the handbrake on! So it's been a stupid kind of day.

Thursday, 11th Jan 2018

Today both children were very bad at night, and Harriet cried for 2 hours in the night even after I had fed her! I worked from home in the day and spent the evening looking at cottages till late.