Tuesday, 2nd May 2017

Today we bathe baby Harriet, she seemed to enjoy it and had a 4 hour nap afterwards while I relaxed outside at our new patio.

Monday, 1st May 2017

Today we went to Witney to buy Owen shoes. At the shoe shop, Owen had a fight with a boy and hit him with a shoe, and then refused to say he was sorry.

Sunday, 30th Apr 2017

Today we attended Maiya's birthday party at the soft play. Owen had a great time. In the afternoon I finished my whispersync audio / ebook, The Nothing Girl, while Owen played in the garden.

Saturday, 29th Apr 2017

Today we went to see jousting at Blenheim Palace and Owen walked loads. Afterwards he told us appreciatively that he's had a nice day, and promptly fell asleep in the car.

Friday, 28th Apr 2017

Today Peter and I went to the cinema to watch Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 with baby in lap while Owen was in nursery. Really enjoyed it very much!

Thursday, 27th Apr 2017

Today we collect Owen early from his nursery to attend Jude's birthday party. Peter went with him while I stayed home with baby and listen to The Nothing Girl audiobook.

Wednesday, 26th Apr 2017

Today while Owen was in nursery, I drove to Witney to buy birthday presents for the parties Owen will be going to, and went to lunch in a new restaurant.

Tuesday, 25th Apr 2017

Today we stayed at home all day. A skip came to take away the rubbles, our new patio was officially finished.

Monday, 24th Apr 2017

Today we stayed home and Owen opened more birthday presents. Baby had a blocked nose and feeding at night had been tedious, leaving me exhausted.

Sunday, 23rd Apr 2017

Today was Owen's pirate birthday party in the forest. Was nice to meet his friends' parents. I was exhausted and had a migraine in the afternoon.

Saturday, 22nd Apr 2017

Today grandparents came down to help and I made Owen's birthday cupcakes. He played at our new patio for the first time.

Friday, 21st Apr 2017

Today we went to Witney to get supplies for Owen's party on Sunday and in the evening I baked some cheesy coins.

Thursday, 20th Apr 2017

Today I started making some party food for Owen's birthday party on Sunday while carrying baby in a sling.

Wednesday, 19th Apr 2017

Today I found out I could vacuum the house while carrying baby in a sling. I felt like a superwoman.

Tuesday, 18th Apr 2017

Today we went to the hospital in Oxford and then to the Natural History Museum afterwards.

Sunday, 16th Apr 2017

Today we celebrated Easter and Owen's birthday. He was very excited but sleepy (woke up since 6am), and didn't want to try the balance bike I got him.

Saturday, 15th Apr 2017

Today we went to Peter's parents for the Easter weekend, and both children were very good in the car, awake but not grumpy or crying. When we arrived, baby was smiley and observant.

Friday, 14th Apr 2017

Today we went to the Easter event at Blenheim Palace but it wasn't as good as I'd expected as it was cold and windy and Owen was grumpy and prone to tantrums.

Thursday, 13th Apr 2017

Today I was exhausted from a tough night of breastfeeding (where I breastfed baby from 1 to 4am non-stop, and then every 30mins-1 hour afterwards). It don't understand. What did she do with the milk? Where did it go? She couldn't possibly hold that much milk.