Wednesday, 30th May 2018

Today we drove back home from our lovely holiday at grandparent's house. Owen didn't sleep until past ten!

Tuesday, 29th May 2018

Today it was cold and rainy. We stayed indoors at grandparent's house all day. Harriet napped a lot and we hardly saw her! I napped for 3 hours with her. In the evening Peter and I did a bit of pair programming.

Monday, 28th May 2018

Today was bank holiday Monday, we continued to have lovely warm weather at grandparent's place. We had a picnic lunch. Owen learned to ride a tricycle.

Sunday, 27th May 2018

Today we all had a lovely time in the sunny garden, Harriet and Owen playing in the paddling pool. Harriet started walking!

Saturday, 26th May 2018

Today we packed and went to grandparents’ house for half term break. The children were so happy to arrive.

Thursday, 24th May 2018

Today I worked from home as the car had to go to the garage to get stuff fixed. In my PJ all day!

Wednesday, 23rd May 2018

Today I went back to work and spent most of the day working on GDPR related stuff. In the evening I did some sketching and then Harriet woke up requiring attention until 2am! Exhausting!

Tuesday, 22nd May 2018

Today we took the children to play in the park. Harriet had become a really cheeky monkey. 

Monday, 21st May 2018

Today we went to the beach again, and then drove home after dinner with the children asleep in the car, and arrived home after midnight. Exhausting even though it wasn't me driving! 

Sunday, 20th May 2018

Today we went to the seaside with relatives and friends. Owen had a few potty accidents even though he had been potty trained for months. Perhaps it was due to diarrhoea. In the evening I did a bit of sketching.

Saturday, 19th May 2018

Today we attended Bryony's wedding. We had Harriet with us most of the time, and everyone thought she was lovely and cute. She was very happy about all the new things and people around her, and loved the dogs and birds at the beach.

Friday, 18th May 2018

Today we packed and drove to North Devon to attend a wedding on the weekend. It was stressful and chaotic trying to pack with the 2 children distracting us. We later realised we could have sent them to nursery / preschool for the day while we packed! In the evening I had a migraine and was out of action.

Thursday, 17th May 2018

Today I did something stupid at work but luckily managed to rectify it in time with minimal damage. Very touched at how helpful our sysadmin was, and how he didn't reprimand me. Then later my boss told me they were impressed by my performance at the Wagtail workshop. The kindness from people made me buzz all evening. 

Wednesday, 16th May 2018

Today I went to our Bristol office for Wagtail training again! This time I got a lift from Georgie, and I chatted her ears off, making her take wrong turns, but we had such a great time. I also really enjoyed the workshop and meeting other colleagues. How exciting is my life? Learning so many fun new things.

Tuesday, 15th May 2018

Today I got angry with Owen for not eating properly and just being a pain all day. After my tirade, he said, 'be happy mummy, let's do a cuddle,' and that cheered me up.

Monday, 14th May 2018

Today I was getting annoyed with the kids again. Mondays are the worst. I did my drawing in the afternoon so I could do some programming in the evening.

Sunday, 13th May 2018

Today I took Owen to Witney without Harriet and he was super good. I got him sandals and hat, and when we went home I even drove to the petrol station by myself for the first time and pumped some gas! I felt like a grown up. And I didn't make the petrol station go up in flames like I'd imagined.

Saturday, 12th May 2018

Today we went to Maddie's house for a dinner party (with kids). It was nice to be sociable, though the kids were a little distracting. 

Friday, 11th May 2018

Today I sketched with Owen's crayons, and was excited to be noticed by the Rise & Draw featured artists.