Thursday, 23rd Feb 2017

Today I finally got a replacement laptop from my workplace. It is quite slow and noisy, but is good enough for my maternity leave. Sadly still no baby though my colleague who's also expecting, had their baby yesterday! Quite jealous.

Wednesday, 22nd Feb 2017

Today I had a midwife appointment, after which we visited my workplace to pick something up, and went to Banbury Hill Farm for tea where I did some sketching.

Tuesday, 21st Feb 2017

Today Owen threw a massive tantrum when Peter refused to play his favourite game of making every spoonful of dinner 'talk'. We had to explain to him how tiresome it was for us to do that constantly. Eventually we reached some sort of resolution and it seemed our relationship has grown stronger.

Monday, 20th Feb 2017

Today grandpa came to visit and took Owen off our hands. In the morning we took Owen to tumble tots for the first time.

Saturday, 18th Feb 2017

Today still no baby. We went to Witney to get supplies and Owen was happy and hyper all day, making Peter and I quite exhausted.

Friday, 17th Feb 2017

Today I was disappointed that the baby didn't want to be born on this beautiful date that I had chosen for her birthday (17-02-2017, all prime numbers).

Thursday, 16th Feb 2017

Today Owen was excited to go to tennis lessons but ended up feeling bad as he was the only new kid amongst the mostly older kids, and was lost and left out. "Want to go home and see mama," he said dejectedly. Poor boy!

Wednesday, 15th Feb 2017

Today Owen went to nursery and I got the afternoon free to sketch and paint the house across the street from the living room window.

Tuesday, 14th Feb 2017

Today I took Owen to the cinema to watch Ballerina, and he was terrified though it wasn't scary at all.