Sunday, 22nd Jan 2017

Today we took Owen to Banbury Hill Farm, and he was such a good boy, playing by himself, so we could have a relaxing lunch and coffee. 

Friday, 20th Jan 2017

Today I finally went to the office to work, and it did cheer me up to be out. In the evening I practise more sketching.

Wednesday, 18th Jan 2017

Today I was kept awake by a tummy ache / Braxton Hicks contractions all night and morning, and was worried that I was going into labour prematurely. Luckily it eventually went away.

Tuesday, 17th Jan 2017

Today we took Owen to visit the local preschool. It is lovely! Though the walk made me exhausted the rest of the day.

Monday, 16th Jan 2017

Today I went to the Cotswold Birth Centre in Chipping Norton for yet more tests while Peter took Owen to the Children Centre. Owen had been a very good boy all day.

Sunday, 15th Jan 2017

Today we sorted out more of the baby's stuff, and I'd been feeling really tired all day. 

Friday, 13th Jan 2017

Today I had a great time sketching Peter in the evening, playing with my new watercolour field box while he worked on his blog.