Sunday, 30th Oct 2016

Today Owen woke very early pre-dawn, and we had to bring him to our bed where he stroked my face, and fidgetted till morning, so we didn't get much sleep. We abandoned our plans of going to Oxford as we were exhausted.

Saturday, 29th Oct 2016

Today Owen was cuddly and happy mostly. We stayed at home all day while I knit a new jumper for him. In the evening I baked a cake.

Wednesday, 26th Oct 2016

Today Owen was very happy to see me after work, and was very cute and cuddly. He even wanted me instead of Peter to read him his bedtime stories. After he went to bed we watched Great British Bakeoff final.

Tuesday, 25th Oct 2016

Today Owen refused to nap again though he was clearly tired from the soft play. Perhaps we have broken him by making him skip naps too often. I was especially irritable all day.

Monday, 24th Oct 2016

Today Owen woke up at 9:30am in the morning but did not nap in the afternoon. I was started knitting a new cabled jumper for Owen.

Sunday, 23rd Oct 2016

Today relatives visited us enroute back home from a wedding. Owen had a great time playing with his cousin and not napping.