Tuesday, 22nd Aug 2017

Today we went to see our mortgage advisor and Harriet cried and cried and wouldn't stop until I left the building, and cried again when I went back in. She's never been like this before.

Monday, 21st Aug 2017

Today I played with Owen all day long. We also unearthed Owen's old toys for Harriet to keep her occupied. 

Sunday, 20th Aug 2017

Today I started listening to The Boy on the Bridge on Audible. We stayed at home all day and Owen was very very bored. Poor him. Harriet seemed mad with hunger. In the evening we watched The Girl With All The Gifts, the book is definitely much better than the movie, Glenn Close or not!

Saturday, 19th Aug 2017

Today Peter took the children to the park in the morning to give me a break, and ran into several other dads in the park and had a great time socialising with them. In the afternoon we went to Witney to get supplies and I finished The Girl With All The Gifts. In the evening we watched Bridget Jone's Baby.

Friday, 18th Aug 2017

Today I was absorbed in The Girl with All the Gifts, and could see the similarities between baby Harriet and the 'hungries' in the book.

Thursday, 17th Aug 2017

Today baby's sleep seemed to be getting worse. I was showing signs of long term sleep deprivation. I rarely get to sleep longer than 2hrs blocks since having baby, and have been missing REM sleep. Who can blame me for being moody, tired, forgetful, stupid and dysfunctional?

Wednesday, 16th Aug 2017

Today Owen went to nursery and I got a short break. Harriet has been a nightmare in the nights. In the evening we watched 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Tuesday, 15th Aug 2017

Today we took Owen to the soft play at the garden centre and he wanted to go home after just 2 minutes. 

Monday, 14th Aug 2017

Today we went to Witney where we met up with Daisy, and the children were being very good.

Sunday, 13th Aug 2017

Today we took the children to the park and I had a good time playing with Owen. We gave Harriet some yogurt to eat.

Saturday, 12th Aug 2017

Today I decided I don't like school holidays. We stayed home and I got annoyed with Harriet for not napping and with Owen for being clingy (he couldn't be by himself for even just one minute). We gave Harriet some cherries to eat and she loved it.

Thursday, 10th Aug 2017

Today I have completely recovered from my illness finally! I also upgraded our broadband and got a great deal for it. We fed Harriet avocado and banana for the first time, and she seemed to like it. Think she'll be quite an epicurean. It felt like just yesterday when she was a wriggly red newborn baby.

Tuesday, 8th Aug 2017

Today I discovered Ibuprofen for children. Harriet didn't seem to hate them as much as she does Calpol. In the afternoon I had an online chat with my sister.

Monday, 7th Aug 2017

Today I had a breakthrough as I discovered/remembered that Ibuprofen works much better for my sore throat than Paracetamol and I finally found reprieve from the pain.

Sunday, 6th Aug 2017

Today I was still ill and so much pain. Might be flu or tonsillitis. And now migraine as well. Harriet was miserable too. We watched the finale of Top of the Lake Series 1, and the baby in the show was so cute, reminding me of Harriet.

Saturday, 5th Aug 2017

Today Harriet and I were still poorly and suffering, Peter had to do most of the child care.

Friday, 4th Aug 2017

Today I was ill with fever, chills, and sore throat. It seems Harriet too, as she's been waking up all night.

Thursday, 3rd Aug 2017

Today Harriet was still bad about naps and I listened to/read David Mitchell's The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet on Audible/Kindle during the long hours of breastfeeding.