Wednesday, 13th Sep 2017

Today Owen ate carrots (he never used to touch them) and exclaimed, 'I love carrots', and even finished his entire portion of Spaghetti Ragu. Earlier in the evening he had gotten very upset with us for not tidying up the mess in our living room. Who is this child??

Tuesday, 12th Sep 2017

Today I woke early and did loads of housework including sorting out the Harriet's baby clothes. When Owen got back from preschool, we went to the park.

Monday, 11th Sep 2017

Today we spent a long time at the new village library where I read Owen millions of books while Harriet slept in the buggy. He was very happy and was later very helpful when I gave the children dinner, bathe them and put them to bed while Peter went out to see Steward Lee in Oxford on his 'night out'.

Sunday, 10th Sep 2017

Today we had a cosy Sunday at home doing loads of cutting and pasting with Owen while it was rainy outside.

Saturday, 9th Sep 2017

Today I finally went to see our new community centre, library & cafe, and absolutely loved it. It was the official opening and Owen got to try a bit of badminton and basketball. In the evening I gave Portuguese knitting a try.

Friday, 8th Sep 2017

Today I definitely saw Harriet move herself towards Owen's toys and proceeded to eat them while he was away at nursery. It rained thunderstorms all day, so I didn't go out to see the  new library.

Thursday, 7th Sep 2017

Today we finally moved baby Harriet from the bedside crib to a cot in another room. Freedom!

Wednesday, 6th Sep 2017

Today Peter went to our new library at our new village community centre for the first time. Very exciting! Harriet had a very bad bleeding nappy rash, and she cried and cried. Poor girl. In the evening we finished watching Westworld, which I thought was rubbish.

Tuesday, 5th Sep 2017

Today Owen started preschool again after the holidays. I finished The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, which I found unexpectedly enjoyable (a lot of time for online tutorials and audiobooks as I was spending a lot of time breastfeeding!).

Monday, 4th Sep 2017

Today Craftsy had a free All-You-Can-Watch day, from which I learnt about Portuguese knitting (most fascinating), backwards knitting, and Eastern & Combination knitting techniques.

Sunday, 3rd Sep 2017

Today we went to Cogges farm with grandparents, Aunty Anne and Uncle Roger where Owen was attending Maddie's birthday party. When we were back home, we assembled Owen's new bed and he loved it so much he stayed in bed (before bedtime) even after we had all gone downstairs.

Saturday, 2nd Sep 2017

Today Owen's new bed was delivered, and grandparents came to visit. Owen was very happy, and Harriet napped for shorter than 2 hours all day!

Friday, 1st Sep 2017

Today we went to Witney to do some shopping and Peter was annoyed with me for not going by myself, but I was too afraid to drive there myself (also I'd been suffering from long term sleep deprivation, hence not a safe driver).

Wednesday, 30th Aug 2017

Today Owen went to nursery and I finally found the time to colour my hair. The weather has turned cold and wet again.

Tuesday, 29th Aug 2017

Today I didn't get out of my pyjamas at all, and didn't do very much. We started watching Westworld in the evening, and I started listening to Ghostwritten by David Mitchell.

Monday, 28th Aug 2017

Today Owen helped me make some very naughty chocolate cake. In the evening we watched Game of Thrones season finale (and didn't like it). In the middle of the night, Harriet was wide awake for 2.5hrs, and it took me another hour to get back to sleep afterwards.

Sunday, 27th Aug 2017

Today we took the children to Fairy Tale Farm at Chipping Norton. It was very hot. I saw loads of children having melt downs and tantrums, but strangely both our children were relatively happy and well behaved for once.

Saturday, 26th Aug 2017

Today we stayed home and tried to teach Owen to cycle on our street, Peter finally mowed the front lawn, and it actually started to feel warm like summer. In the evening we watched Atypical on Netflix.