Tuesday, 2nd Jan 2018

Today Lou and Daisy too Owen out to play while the rest of us stayed home. I spent some time trying out NY resolution apps. In the evening we tried out the new projector (Christmas present).

Monday, 1st Jan 2018

Today we drove home from Peter’s parents’ place. We had a lovely break. In the evening I tried out my new watercolour paints which had arrived while we were away.

Sunday, 31st Dec 2017

Today grandparents took Owen out to one of the National Trust trails. We celebrated NY eve by finishing Big Little Lies on telly. What a good series!

Tuesday, 26th Dec 2017

Today auntie Gill came to visit with her 2 dogs and Lou too. We played Trivial Pursuit all evening and it was rather fun though I was most horrible at it.

Monday, 25th Dec 2017

Today was Christmas Day! Harriet was very excited about her stocking and Owen was only interested in his sticker book from Santa and unimpressed by everything else. Harriet looked super cute in the jumpsuit I knitted for her.

Sunday, 24th Dec 2017

Today we had a relaxing day at grandparents’, preparing for Christmas. The children were quite happy. Harriet enjoyed the Christmas service at the church.

Friday, 22nd Dec 2017

Today we went to Day Out with Thomas (the tank engine) at Didcot Railway Centre. Owen was very good initially until approaching lunch time when we were all hungry, tired and grumpy. In the end, Owen was most excited about the regular First Great Western trains at the modern part of the station. Kids.

Thursday, 21st Dec 2017

Today Owen went to the Christmas party at his nursery while we wrapped up presents at home. Might be spoiling the children too much. 

Wednesday, 20th Dec 2017

Today we took the children to watch a movie with Daisy, Lou and her nieces. When we came home, both children (and I) were overtired and annoying.

Tuesday, 19th Dec 2017

Today Owen went to his last day of Preschool this year and received chocolate, cards and presents. I slept till past noon due to staying up late.

Monday, 18th Dec 2017

Today Peter took the children to the Charlbury toddler group Christmas party. Owen helped himself to the food and ate loads of sausages, crisps, cake and chocolate.  Harriet crawled around and tried to eat scraps from the floor. I stayed home and wrote long emails to our architect. 

Sunday, 17th Dec 2017

Today we took the children to the screening of Elf at the Charlbury memorial hall. Owen threw a few tantrums (eg. he was bothered by the beans spilling out of the bean bags) and Harriet was too restless to sit through the film though she was very amused initially and laughed a lot.

Saturday, 16th Dec 2017

Today we went to Witney to do some shopping. Harriet was so pretty and cute, charming lots of strangers. Owen was very sad and disappointed because Peter refused to buy him a book he wanted. It was important for him to learn to deal with disappointment.

Friday, 15th Dec 2017

Today we went to our favorite indie bookstore in Chipping Norton and then took Owen to Santa’s grotto in Charlbury. It was very very cold and Santa knew his name.

Thursday, 14th Dec 2017

Today Owen finally got 3 stars in a row for not having any potty accidents in 3 Days so I could reward him with a sticker book. He also met Santa at his nursery.