Friday, 7th Jul 2017

Today I woke up after noon as the night was still rough despite Harriet's sleep training. Can't imagine it ever working. My memories of Owen's sleep training experience is hazy, probably due to the high stress then.

Thursday, 6th Jul 2017

Today we attempted to submit the children's passport applications yet again, and got turned away twice! (The dates on the counter signature did not match those on the photos, and then later because the postoffice had network issues). But after some dogged persistence we finally got it sent off! Fingers crossed! Harriet has also gone to sleep after 45mins of crying. Fingers crossed it gets better!

Wednesday, 5th Jul 2017

Today I slept till noon as Harriet's night wakings were just terrible (she's abusing us!). In the evening she yet again refused to sleep despite nearly 2hrs of feeding / soothing etc, and so I had to just put her down and let her cry it out for another hour before she fell asleep finally. It's either that or I murder the entire family.

Tuesday, 4th Jul 2017

Today Owen came back from preschool in pants instead of nappies. They said he did 3 wee, but when he was home he had an accident and so was back to nappies (also we didn't have any pants to replace the one he borrowed). It's a start.

Monday, 3rd Jul 2017

Today we botched a cry-it-out sleep training with Harriet, giving up after 1hr of crying (perhaps she really wasn't sleepy at all). In the end the children went to bed very late, and Peter and I were both stressed and upset.

Sunday, 2nd Jul 2017

Today I suffered for having too much fun at the party last night. Been feeling sick  and throwing up. Luckily Peter was around to hold the day together. What was I thinking? Bad mummy.

Saturday, 1st Jul 2017

Today I went from being an ecstatic my-baby-sleeps-through-the-night Mum to a My-baby-wakes-every-two-hours-and-i-want-to-kill-someone Mum. In the evening I went out to a party nevertheless, drank alcohol and came home after midnight! Take that, baby!

Friday, 30th Jun 2017

Today we took Owen to Oxford for chicken pox vaccination and gave him some chocolate and a stickers book. We then went to Cutteslowe Park afterwards but Owen was only interested in his stickers book and didn't even go on the slides. Harriet didn't get to nap much all day and was very angry. For her evening sleep later, she reverted back to the frequent waking.

Thursday, 29th Jun 2017

Today Harriet slept through the night again and was very happy all day. We went to the post office to apply for the children's passports and yet again got turned away due to something wrong with the forms. Unbelievable!

Wednesday, 28th Jun 2017

Today I took baby Harriet to the GP to get her vaccinations. In the evening she slept through the night for the first time, for 10 hours! Sadly I didn't sleep as well as I had forgotten how to sleep through the night myself.

Tuesday, 27th Jun 2017

Today Peter went to his grandfather's funeral, leaving me alone with the kids. It was all going brilliantly smooth and I even had time to make scones. But after dinner, the tired and hungry children (Owen didn't eat his dinner) went feral, and Peter came home to find me on the floor with two bawling kids.

Monday, 26th Jun 2017

Today Owen went on his first school trip to Crocodiles of The World. I was very very bored at home playing with baby Harriet though she was very cute. She didn't nap more than 30mins at a time, so no breaks for me!

Sunday, 25th Jun 2017

Today baby was still a rascal. We had given up by bedtime and spent the evening watching Telly holding a crying baby instead of trying to put her to sleep as I didn't want to waste yet another precious evening. She is sooo cute but so deadly.

Saturday, 24th Jun 2017

Today baby woke up 7 times in the night, and the worst one was for 2hours long. In the day we went to Banbury Hill Farm for lunch, but we were tired and cranky and Owen was annoying.

Friday, 23rd Jun 2017

Today I slept for less than 3 hours as baby Harriet was waking up too much in the night. In the daytime she was equally bad. Filling up the passport application forms seems to be the hardest thing to do now.

Thursday, 22nd Jun 2017

Today we again got turned away when applying for the kids' passports due to some issue with paperwork. I started more than a month ago. How complicated can this be? 

Wednesday, 21st Jun 2017

Today was very hot again. I got angry with Peter for taking Harriet out in the heat (due to some misunderstanding). She did in the end go to bed at 9pm and we got to watch iZombie and Veronica Mars. I found a way to get my Pebble watch to track Harriet's sleeping hours to a spreadsheet at a click of a button.

Tuesday, 20th Jun 2017

Today was very hot again. When Owen got back from preschool we just let him play iPad games and watch TV as it was too hot to do anything else. In the evening there were finally cool breezes, and Harriet fell asleep when I was feeding her in the garden before I could bathe her or put her in her sleep clothes and nappies. Whatever.

Monday, 19th Jun 2017

Today it was even hotter than the day before. Harriet was napping easily but again wouldn't go to sleep for the night till late even when I made sure to end her naps by 5pm. Another evening gone. Want to watch telly!! I hear myself throwing tantrums like Owen.

Sunday, 18th Jun 2017

Today I was the mum in the cafe with screaming kids whom everyone was staring at. It was the hottest day of the year and we went to Blenheim Palace. Owen tried hard to be a PITA, and Harriet was hot and fussy. Harriet had been wide awake in the night from 3 to 5 am, so both Peter and I were tired as well.