Victoria Chan

is a web developer living and breathing in Oxford, UK.

In the day, her job involves JavaScript, CSS, Drupal, PHP, Coldfusion, Ruby on Rails and magic.

In the night, she dreams up hare-brained projects involving the web, writing, photography, ukulele, music, people, animals, food, baking, bread, cake, macarons, gardening, Go, knitting, dressmaking, zombies, you, herself, and her credit card.

Victoria, of course, is me!

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version 1 designs
5 years ago

I'm working hard on it offline, and it will be uploaded soon. It's so empty and ugly at the moment because I accidentally deleted the entire codebase and database a year ago. It'll be shiny soon, I promise. x Victoria

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2 years ago

My sister gave me some sarong fabric for my birthday, and I've made a dress from it, following the pattern from the Japanese sewing book, Stylish Dress Book (vol 1), Dress E.

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  • Yesterday
    we packed and packed for the summer holidays!
  • Thursday, 2nd July
    the beach balls that I got Owen arrived, and he was very very excited about it, gazing at the pictures on the packaging in delight, and jumping with joy when I unpacked them. I can see how some parents get overboard with showering their children with material goods.
  • Wednesday, 1st July
    it was very very warm and baby was hyperactive. He's been laughing a lot while playing by himself, but he's also been throwing tantrums. He seemed to have picked up the phrase 'uh oh', and was using it a lot (most of the time appropriately too).
  • Tuesday, 30th June
    we took baby to swim at the Chippy Lido with our NCT friends and we had so much fun! He really enjoyed it, and doesn't seem to hate water anymore.
  • Monday, 29th June
    we took baby to Toddler Sense, and he just loved the bouncy castle slide. He was mostly good today and would sit on his own reading a book while laughing and babbling to himself.

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I guess it's expected of James Cameron to be formulaic in such a Hollywood blockbuster way. It is a Hollywood blockbuster... what was I thinking?

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漢字 (kanji): a Chinese character
感じ (also kanji): feeling; sensation

I'm learning Japanese and this is where I experiment with stream-of-consiousness style essays inspired by the 漢字 that I am learning.

Here are some of the 漢字:

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